By definition, vanity decor is the use of glitz and glamour to decorate the interior space in your house. Using flashing lights, precious stones, mirrors, basically anything that will turn your room short of a wonderland with all the glitz and blitz. So how can you implement this setup in your own space? The following are the way through which you can pull this off.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals


Think of all the most famous faces in show business. All the iconic names that have been making headlines over the years for all the right and wrong reasons. Those are the characters that you should be going for when it comes to creating wall murals in the house.

Think about Marlyn Monroe or Madonna. You can have stencil sketches of their faces on the walls if you own the house. For those that are tenants in rentals. You can get yourself wallpapers and stickers and simply stick them on any part of the wall.

It doesn’t have to be limited to people. You can have music bands, instruments, random images of famous artifacts; the list goes on and on. You can also try out as many colors as you want.

Mirror Sets

Mirror Sets table


Most people love their mirrors huge, covering the whole wall from the floor to the ceiling. As much as that is a good thing, there’s another vanity option you can go for. This comes in the form of a small dresser that has a mirror enclosed in intricately decorated frames.

The frames are usually made of wood and are permanently attached to the dresser. You can use it for doing your makeup or just let it be part of the interior space. On top of adding other ornamental objects below the mirror, you can have it designed with small shelves that you can use to keep your jewelry.

Add some lights around for that extra aesthetic touch and watch in awe as it transforms the whole mood of the room in question.


mirror with Lights


Vanity decor is all about the dazzle; the more the lights, the better the effects, and the more the variety the colors, the more magnificent the final look will be. You can use as many lights as you want and have them intricately arranged around the house on the walls or over mirrors to get the desired effect.

You don’t have to use LED strip lights. Get individual light bulbs, small versions, and have them arranged around the bedside area or the area where you have your dresser and mirrors. The idea here is to create a rainbow of colors around the room.

This setup works best in the bedroom, where space is a bit constricted, as that provides the best place for light to be concentrated.

Color Themes

Pink bedroom with lights


You can also choose to go with a color scheme that will define everything else that forms part of the decor. The color could be the one you like most, or you can be creative and combine a series of matching colors in gradients, then accentuate them with other items like statues, wall mounts, plants, and anything that you feel will add to the beauty of the setup.

Once you settle on a color, try as much as you can to find items that either match it exactly or belong to a class of shades that are not too far off. A pink theme, for instance, would go well with red, maroon, or purple. Do proper research online to find that winning combination.


Flower Mirror wall.


Flowers have been used for years in decorating homes, and although they do require a lot of maintenance, you can never have a foot wrong with them in the picture. For your vanity decor plans, you’ll be best served if you avoided using real plants.

You should instead get plastic replicas that will not go bad after a few days. Have them lining everything you want, from the edges of the bed, the wardrobes, the mirrors, the windows, anything that’s insightful; they’d make very nice accents for modern walls. Alternate the flower colors and types to make it more pleasing.


Vanity Decor is bold and can only be pulled off by people who are not afraid of tapping into their wild sides. If you have been entertaining the thought of transforming the space inside your home to this kind of setup, then visit our informative blog and get treated to unlimited sources of creative ideas that will transform that house.

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