No doubt, your TVs can be a haven for dust, smudges, and children’s fingerprint. This can be freakingly annoying, especially when you need to catch up with your favorite TV show. Learn how to clean your flat screen tv without streaks and keep it in condition while you enjoy your exciting programs.

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Your tv is one of those things you need to keep clean all the time in your home. For whatever reason, your tv is prone to streak, which can be frustrating. Applying the wrong cleaning method, such as using harsh chemicals or spraying the tv directly, can damage your device or negate its warranty. Many commercial products like ammonium and ethyl alcohol cause clouding on modern tv screens like LCD, Plasma, etc.

Occasional light cleaning using a microfibre cloth can remove dust. But what happens to greasy smudges caused by dirty hands? Learn home remedies to clean your flat screen tv to remove smudges without streaking them.

Table of Contents

  1. What do I Need to Clean my Flat Screen TV
  2. How to Clean Your Flat Screen TV Without Streaks
  3. How to Clean Plasma TV Screen Without Streaks
  4. How to Wipe TV Screen Without Streaks
  5. How to Clean LCD Tv Screen Without Streaks
  6. How Do I Clean Smudges Off my Flat Screen TV
  7. How to Clean Your Flat Screen TV Without Damaging It
  8. How to Clean Samsung Flat Screen TV
  9. How to Clean a Vizio Flat Screen TV
  10. How to Clean the Inside of a Flat Screen TV
  11. How Often Should I Clean Flat Screen TV
  12. Tips for Cleaning Flat Screen TV
  13. Common FAQs for Cleaning Flat Screen TV

What Do I Need to Clean My Flat Screen TV

Cleaning your flat screen tv with water and a towel could do well to remove everyday dust, which is safe. For tougher stains, homemade tv cleaner will do. It’s similar to cleaning eyeglasses or other surfaces made of glass without streaks. What then do you need to clean your flat screen tv? These items are spray bottles, water, white vinegar, lint-free cloth, and microfibre cloth.

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How to Clean Your Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

There are several ways to clean your flat screen tv without streaks. The easiest and simplest way to clean it is with a dry cloth. But don’t be misguided: using a cloth only may not render it streak-free: you need an additional cloth and distilled water. Learn more on how to achieve this.

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Here’s how to clean using water and a microfibre cloth:

  1. Using a dry microfibre cloth, wipe gently in a circular motion.
  2. Spray a clean, lint-free cloth with water. Avoid spraying the water directly on the TV screen because it could damage the internals of your screen.
  3. Make the cloth damp enough and wipe over the streak on your screen.
  4. Lastly, use the dry cloth on the screen again to finish up.

How to Clean Plasma TV Screen Without Streaks

Cleaning your plasma tv screen isn’t like your old glass tv screen, which you can clean using a paper towel. But cleaning a plasma tv screen requires more care and techniques to prolong the screen’s lifespan, and using the wrong method will depreciate its life expectancy.

a lady using a vacuum cleaner to clean a plasma screen tv

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Here are the cleaning techniques to implore in cleaning your plasma tv screen using a vacuum cleaner:

  1. Turn off your plasma tv from the switch attached to electricity.
  2. Fix a hose connection to your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Please turn on the vacuum cleaner and place it at the lowest setting.
  4. Gently and carefully move the cleaner around your tv screen to magnet the dirt and dust present.
  5. After some hours, turn on the tv at the switchboard.

How to Wipe TV Screen Without Streaks

It would help if you wipe your tv screen using a microfibre fabric or a dry cloth. A microfibre cloth is a delicate dry material similar to the fabric used in clean eyeglasses. They’re a good option for cleaning LCD tv since there is no build-up of dirt and prevent the dust from spreading around the home.

wiping a flat screen tv with a microfibre cloth

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Follow these steps to wipe your tv screen without streaks:

  1. Wipe your tv screen using the microfibre Ensure you do not press hard on the screen if grime doesn’t fall off.
  2. Proceed to clean other strategic and hidden parts for additional sparkle.
  3. Using the microfibre cloth, clean all edges of your tv screen. The hard plastic frame is less delicate, and using a microfibre cloth to wipe it is fine.
  4. An alternative to a microfibre cloth is an electrostatic duster, which is also perfect.

How to Clean LCD TV Screen Without Streaks

An LCD tv screen has an average lifespan of around 60,000 hours, and obviously, you want to maintain your LCD tv so it serves you better and longer than expected. TV screens, especially LCD televisions, are prone to scratch. So how do you clean it so you don’t damage it completely? Check it out.

cleaning a LCD flat screen tv to remove streak

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Using a dish liquid wash, follow these methods to clean your LCD tv without streaks:

  1. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water, add a few drops of liquid detergent, and mix the solution to homogenize—the more diluted the solution, the better the effect. Too much soap can streak your screen when dried, which you want to avoid.
  2. Place a clean cloth into the mixture and gently rub it on your tv screen. Press gently, so you don’t damage the screen.

How Do I Clean Smudges Off My Flat Screen TV?

Smudges are smears, dirt, or soot that cause a glass screen to turn blurred. In one way or another, smudges tend to settle on our flat-screen TVs, causing blurred vision. However, you can clean the screen of your tv without a streak and eliminate ugly fingerprints and all kinds of smudges.

cleaning a flat screen tv using vinegar

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Learn to get smudges off your flat screen tv in these few steps using vinegar:

  1. Turn off your tv set. Ensure not to tamper with any pixel.
  2. Mix equal quantities of water and vinegar to a spray bottle. Vinegar is a natural and safer cleaning agent.
  3. Dip a microfibre or dry cloth in the solution and carefully wipe the screen.
  4. Apply a little pressure and scrub circularly for spots that need additional cleaning.

How to Clean Your Flat Screen TV Without Damaging It

Understanding how well to clean your flat screen tv will tell if it will last longer than expected or not. It’s always preferable to check the manual for any cleaning recommendations, so you get to do things right and not damage the screen of your tv.

cleaning a flat screen tv to remove smudges 

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Learn the technique to clean your screen without damage:

  1. Switch off your tv and unplug it for safety reasons and to better view the smudges and fingerprints.
  2. Gently wipe dust using a dry microfiber cloth. Please do not press the screen too hard to avoid damaging it.
  3. For obvious marks and stains, dampen a cloth and rub on the surface in a circular motion.
  4. Allow your screen to dry completely before plugging it back.

How to Clean Samsung Flat Screen TV 

For general cleaning of the screen and frame of your Samsung tv, use a clean, lint-free cloth or a microfibre cloth. Using a cleaning faux, chemicals, wax, etc., can damage your Samsung screen. Except otherwise stated in the instruction, never use water to clean. It could scratch or peel off the anti-glare coating on your screen.

cleaning a samsung flat-screen tv

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Here are more helpful tips for cleaning your Samsung flat screen tv.

  1. Disconnect your tv from the power source to avoid fire or electric shock while cleaning.
  2. Clean the tv screen using a soft cloth and a monitor cleaner to clean the screen. For any other cleaner besides a tv cleaner, dilute in a ratio of 1:10.
  3. Wipe frame and cord with a slightly moist cloth.
  4. Allow to dry and plug back to electricity.

How to Clean a Vizio Flat Screen TV 

Cleaning your Vizio flat screen tv with Windex cleaner is a no-no, except you’ve got an old tv with a glass screen. However, Windex contains harmful chemicals like ammonium and alcohol that can wreak unrepairable havoc on your tv screen. Check out the cleaning method to adopt below:

a man cleaning a vizio flat screen tv

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The step-by-step process for cleaning your Vizio flat screen tv includes:

  1. Wipe the screen with an electrostatic duster or a microfibre cloth, preferably the one designed for use on screens.
  2. Wet the cloth with distilled water or a solution of water and little dish soap.
  3. Wipe away any spots and smudges seen.
  4. Finally, clean with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

How to Clean the Inside of a Flat Screen TV

It’s not unlikely for dust and dirt to easily build up inside your flat screen tv. The air vent behind the tv meant for cooling and ventilation purposes can welcome dirt into your tv set when it is off. And excess dirt and debris can cause overheating, damaging your flat screen. Check out how to get rid of this dirt below.

a lady cleaning the inside of a flat screen tv

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You can clean the inside of your flat screen tv using a can of compressed air by following the steps below:

  1. Do well to turn off your tv and unplug it from the socket.
  2. Attach a nozzle to the front of the can of compressed air.
  3. Turn your flat screen tv around so you can easily see the air vent.
  4. Spray the can of compressed air over the air vent.
  5. Continue to spray on the air vent until all dirt is blown out of your tv. Don’t spray the nozzle too close to the vent so the airflow won’t damage the component inside your tv.

How Often Should I Clean Flat Screen TV

You should clean all home entertainment systems regularly to get the best performance from the equipment. The same thing goes for your flat screen tv. The least you can do is to clean it weekly to keep dust, fingerprints, and film from building up and becoming tough to remove.

Also, make it seamless by keeping a microfibre cloth or a soft cloth close by to dab any dirt or grime you see lurking around your tv set.

Tips for Cleaning Flat Screen TV

  • Please do not use a cotton towel, paper towel, or toilet paper to clean your tv screen: it causes scratches to the screen.
  • When cleaning your flat screen tv with vinegar, do not splash the solution on the screen. Doing this constantly could damage the screen over time.
  • Keep kids, food, and drinks away from your tv screen to avoid the risks of fingerprint smudges and messy splatters.
  • Do not spray water on your tv screen: it could lead to electric shock, fire, or cause it to malfunction.

Common FAQs for Cleaning Flat Screen TV

  1. How can I remove a scratch from my flat screen tv?

  • You can use a scratch repair kit to expel scratches from your screen. You can also use petroleum jam. Immerse a cotton ball in petroleum jam and clean the scratch away.
  1. How can I clean a nicotine stain from my flat screen tv?

  • Mix an equal amount of distilled water and vinegar, apply on a microfibre cloth and clean your screen tv. Use a different cloth to dry, rubbing it in a circular pattern.
  1. Can I use chemicals to clean my flat screen tv?

  • Chemicals like ethyl liquor, alkali, CH3 acetone, etc., should be kept far from your screen because of their damaging effects.


The information above has been thoroughly researched to give a solution for cleaning your flat screen tv without streaking. Following these steps makes your a pro in the act and leaves a lasting effect on your device. We have more helpful tips and ideas on cleaning household equipment. Explore GuyAboutHome today and check them out.

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