There are a few vegetables that come close to the ease of growing potatoes. However, the potato is the undisputed king regarding versatility in growing methods and cooking recipes. An abundant stock of homegrown, organic potatoes will keep your family fed and healthy.

Granted that growing potatoes is as easy as pie, the question remains; what type of potato should you produce at home? Since there are so many varieties to choose from, the best way to decide is to consider what purpose will your crop serve.

By purpose, I mean will you use them for salads, stews, mashed, chips or baked. Plan your planting with the result in mind. If you want to use your potato crops for all your cooking needs, then you would need to plant different varieties at the same time.

If you have never attempted to grow potatoes at home, merely follow a complete guide to guide to growing potatoes at home.

Best potatoes to grow

Russet or Idaho Potatoes

One of the most popular kinds of potato due to their large size and flexibility for use in the kitchen. Russet potatoes are starchy and have very low moisture, so they are excellent to make into mashed potatoes.

A favourite for home fries, hash browns and baked potato recipes as well. Idaho potatoes large size and oblong shape is the same no matter where they are grown.

These are typically used in fast food restaurants to make classic French fries and fine dining restaurants stock these because of their adaptability in the kitchen.

You can quickly grow these potatoes in your garden, make sure to plant them at least twelve inches apart since they need ample space to grow.

In case you do not have a garden, growing Idaho potatoes in a container or even a bag is possible. You just need to have loose soil, mix in some soil amendments for to help add valuable minerals to the ground. Add homemade worm castings, or compost will also boost plant growth.

Yellow potatoes

These type of potatoes are usually medium-sized; their outer skin is notably smoother than the other kinds of potatoes.

The most popular variety of this type is the famous Yukon gold which also makes great tasting mashed potatoes and hearty salads as well. They do have a buttery texture and is an excellent option for a lighter version of mashed potatoes.

Yukon gold potatoes are uniformly light yellow which has shallow eyes on their exterior. Their interior texture is buttery, that is why they make excellent tasting mashed potatoes.

Yukon gem potatoes are thought to have a perfect size, can be used in almost any dish. Their interior texture is a bit dry and sometimes waxy.

Round White Potatoes

These potatoes hold their shape well after cooking, ideal for boiling in soups. They usually have medium starch, internally moist and creamy texture.

These are very flavorful and succulent; hence they are perfect for soups of all kinds. The most popular round white potatoes are the Atlantic, Superior and Kennebec.

Round red Potatoes

Red potatoes are also waxy, and just like [G41] Yukon golds, they can be used to make scalloped potatoes as well as chowder. These potatoes have thin skins, so they are ideal to make tasty mashed potatoes without having to bother with peeling.

Red la soda, light to deep red skin. This variety has an oval shape with medium depth eyes. The interior texture is similar to other red potatoes, fluffy and sometimes dry. Excellent for baking and boiling.

Norland potatoes have attractive red skin, usually comes in an oblong shape, with shallow depth eyes in its exterior. Its interior flesh is white which has a moist texture.

These potatoes can be prepared via boiling, steaming, mash, roasted, fried and can be served whole since it retains its shape rather well.

Fingerling Potatoes

As the name implies, these potatoes do look like fingers. They have an elongated shape about two to four inches long which come in many different colours. Their texture is somewhat waxy and is good in soups but a favourite in salads.

Since this type of potato does come in many different colour options, you do have some choices on which ones you want to plant. The [G49] Russian banana is another favourite for their spectacular buttery flavour and smooth yellow skin.

Purple Peruvian, this type of fingerling is a great choice to add some colour to any recipe. Its purple skin and light pink interior will make any dish stand out.

The French fingerling which has smooth, dark red skin is another top choice for chefs and home gardeners alike. Their colour lends an exotic air to whatever dish you decide to use them in.

Slightly larger than the Russian[G60]  banana, it is red outside, but a soft yellow of the inside. Fingerlings can be cooked by frying, baking, roasting, boiling and steaming.

Purple or Blue potatoes

These types of potatoes have purple or bluish outer skin. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and are a favourite of chefs for their unique colour and full potato flavour. These have a rich, nutty but creamy flavour and is sought after for casseroles and potato salads.

Of course, their unique colour plays a large part in their demand by culinary chefs. It brings a mysterious vibe to any dish that is paired with this potato.

Adirondack blue, have bluish-purple skin and have a vibrant purple interior. When mashed the colour turns blue and when baked or roasted the colour purple deepens.


There are over two hundred different potato varieties that you can choose from. Having the best of these growing in your backyard garden or patio to fulfil your cooking needs will satisfy any potato lover.

Don’t miss out on this easy but beneficial vegetable and grow them in your home today. Keeping a good stock of all the kinds of potatoes, you would ever want will keep you and your loved ones healthy. Not to mention save you some money on grocery bills.

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