Children can really make a mess when playing with their toys, but you can fix that up with these toy storage ideas for your living room.

Most of the time, you receive your guests and friends in the living room. While you can clean up beforehand for planned visits, it would be quite unpleasant to greet your guests with a messy and cluttered living room of sudden ones. Especially if your kids have no separate playroom, they can just keep your living room filled with toys.

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The idea of dumping all of your kids’ toys into a bucket and keeping it to one side may sound appealing. However, there are many other toy storage ideas that you can do in your living room. We compiled various clever and easy storage for toys in the living room ideas for you to try in this article. Check them out below!

Table of Contents

  1. Living room toy storage idea for small spaces
  2. Creative toy storage idea for living room
  3. Storage boxes for toys in living room
  4. Storage for baby toys in living room
  5. Other tips for storing your kids’ toys

Living room toy storage idea for small spaces

living room toy storage ideas for small spaces
living room toy storage ideas for small spaces

Image Source: Organised Pretty Home

If you have a buffet in your dining room, you can make use of its versatility as toy storage in your living room. Also known as a sideboard, it makes up for plenty of storage when paired with boxes or similar containers. It can even be used as a bookshelf! Placing it behind your sofa saves a lot more space compared to making a separate cabinet at the side. If there is need for making the cabinet, then a built-in cabinet is more recommended. Check the small space bedroom cabinet designs here if you need them!
While you want your child’s toys to be organized, keeping the overall theme of your living room in harmony is also important. Just like in the photo shown above, coating your sideboard with white paint (or any other color that goes with the overall palette of your living room) would be best.

Creative toy storage idea for living room

creative toy storage ideas for living room
creative toy storage ideas for living room

Image Source: Ana White

You can also get that creative mind of yours working when planning for your living room’s toy storage. Keep in mind that literally anything that can be found inside the area can be turned into something multifunctional. As shown in the photo, the coffee table (or any table of some sort) was configured to contain a huge drawer of toys, which are even organized into subspaces!
For DIYers, you can do this on your own if you have the right tools and materials. You can refer to this helpful guide that we found for crafting yours! Of course, for those who have no time to take things into their hands, hiring a professional would also do. This coffee table slash toy storage is just one idea for a piece of two-in-one furniture among others.

Storage boxes for toys in living room

Storage boxes for toys in living room
Storage boxes for toys in living room

Image Source: The Sunny Side Up Blog

Speaking of storage boxes, one problem with them is that stacking them up can take a lot of space. They can easily get crowded, especially when there are a lot of boxes needed to store the heap of your child’s toys. But, there’s a solution for that! Why not turn those boxes into drawers that slide into your walls?
This storage idea may require a professional crafter as it may involve a lot of work. You can create several of these drawers to sort the toys as well. What’s great about this one is that it can be used for storing other items aside from toys. It is also a good solution for ensuring that your living room remains spacey and uniformly designed.

Storage for baby toys in living room

Storage for baby toys in living room
Storage for baby toys in living room

Images Source: Design Ideas Guide

Baby toys, in general, refer to those used by toddlers from zero to three years old. You can imagine the clutter that will be caused by those blocks, toy cars, stuffed toys, puzzles, and a lot more. These small items, when in large numbers, may need plenty of storage space. Again, using a sideboard may be your best bet.
In the photo, it’s noticeable that the sideboards’ two rows were used for toy storage. Plus, there are actually two of them. While this configuration may not do for small living rooms, it will work for those with larger ones. Placing them under the staircase may also make use of space the best.

Other tips for storing your kids’ toys

Of course, there are numerous ideas you can try to keep your space neat and orderly with your kids’ toys. Some other ways you can optimize the storage of your children’s toys include the following.

Keeping toys that your child does not use often away in cabinets

Sometimes, your child only rejoices over the sight of many toys to play with but does not necessarily use all of them. It’s also a good way to exercise and develop your child’s decision-making ability by asking them to pick which toys to keep and to forgo.

Establishing a toy rotation scheme

Toy rotation simply refers to offering your kid a particular set of toys on one day and using another set on the next. This way, you do not have to fit all of the toys into single storage, which may pose a problem if the space available is limited.

Remove toys that your kid does not want anymore

Apparently, kids may grow uninterested in some of their toys as they age. Keeping away and donating those that they do not want would be best. It would also be good to remove those toys that are broken and unusable already from your storage space.


Keeping your living room in order and tidy is essential because it is the first place where your guests stay — how clean it is may say a lot about you. Having handy storage for your children’s toys would be for the best to keep the clutter away.
In this article, we have compiled four great toy storage ideas you can try in your living room. You may opt to buy or perform DIY projects for a more economical set of storages.

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