After arranging stuff and renovating your entire kitchen, there’s one last thing that will complete the renovation process.

And that is doing some kitchen wall decorations.

Essentially, all you require to do is simply to focus on your kitchen’s plain-looking walls. Afterwards, think about which area of your kitchen wall you should decorate.

With that said, we’ve got some simple and cheap wall decorating tips so you can make your decorations more impressive. Here are the kitchen wall concepts you can freely use. 

Kitchen Sign Décor

All you need is love and a cup of coffee - Quote typographical Background in realistic square white frame on the brick wall background

You can do this by simply reorganizing the entry of your kitchen appliances. Add some space to make a wider kitchen, so you can fit in certain wall decoration.

And we’re talking about street signs for decorating your kitchen wall. Find a popular street sign and place it.

If you find this idea a little bit wordy, just add some white lighting to optimize the results.

Primitive Wall Décor

Vintage green kitchen with island in a loft

Obviously, such design will bring you to the good old days. With this design, you can pick colorful vintage wooden ornaments and accessories.

Also, a flower picture display, and some hanging cups will improve the whole idea. You can also add some children artworks to make a fun ambiance to the whole kitchen. 

Vintage Farmhouse Idea

Easter Composition with Eggs Garland, Branch of Birch in old aged clay pitcher, weathered flower pots in metal wicker basket, authentic key, padlock, chicken, wooden background, Vintage, Rustic Style

Having mosaic ceramic tiles on your kitchen walls will create a unique personality of the homeowner.

In addition, this design throughout the kitchen will represent the love for travel, especially if you or your guests know the feeling of living in a farmhouse. 

Country Cottage Wall Hangings

Now, the idea of this design is to make a black background of your kitchen wall to supplement chalkboard paint.

Surely, you’ll be able to easily pour your artistic side by simply writing words into your wall because of this design.

This idea will also bring free will to anybody who visits your kitchen and would like to write their ideas or feelings in it. 

Elegant Kitchen Wall Décor

There must be a tile pattern to make a contemporary kitchen design – and we’re talking about putting some Treillis kitchen wallpaper to improve a modern look for your kitchen.

If you can find some green-colored appliances, you’d better opt with such in order to bring some natural view inside your kitchen. Having some wall ornaments is also a good addition.

Rustic Kitchen Wall

Design of a modern home kitchen in the attic and rustic style. Black wall with shelves, trays, jars, mugs, sink. In the background a wall of white brick

Simple green hue paint at the center of your kitchen will fit perfectly to the natural visuals outside your window.

No other wood wall décor will be able to fit because of the natural visual itself. Obviously, it would be even more perfect to place some original piece of artwork on both sides of your kitchen wall. 

Kitchen Gallery Wall

Did you know that hanging some fine French piece to your kitchen walls is a brilliant idea?

But this idea would be even better if you place some extra LED lights above your ceiling. Basically, the concept of this idea is to present the homeowner’s artistic side.

This is the reason why this idea is ideal for those who are fond of painting art like modern art collectors. 

Unique Kitchen Wall Ornaments

Modern kitchen with fancy items like thread balls on a small rack on the counter which has a stove next to the hallway to the door. There are hanging lamps flashing over the counter with sink and tap

A historical steel cast is a good unique wall ornament and will certainly make your kitchen mysterious and captivating.

You can also place some pots of plants near your walls to make a relaxing environment.

Also, since a lot of kitchens are painted white, antique steel wall decoration will perfectly blend. It will certainly improve the artistic personality of your guests.

Country Kitchen Wall Decor

vintage style kitchen interior. 3d rendering concept design

Let’s make this short. A hanging country life artwork fits impressively to any kitchen wall colors.

A good tip is to blend certain art display with yellow lighting, which ultimately produces a relaxing feeling to any kitchen. 

Wall Painting

Some homeowners use wall paintings because they can’t think of any kitchen wall ideas to décor their kitchen.

Well, this idea is actually very simple yet effective. You just coat your wall with paint.

Also, you can paint a bold color to improve the contrast on your kitchen environment. If you do, the empty space will be livelier instead of an identical wall hue.

Kitchen Garden

A lot of homeowners like the idea of hanging plants or mounted flower kitchen wall decorations. See, plants are a good investment for your lifetime wall decoration.

In addition, wall mounted flowers and herbs significantly increases positive ambiance to anyone who likes to spend their time doing some kitchen things.

Also, this idea will provide fresh air into the kitchen area which is ideal for those who likes nature. 


An elegant house interior showcasing a grand piano, a mural, and kitchen and dining space at the background

You see, a painting directly painted on a wall can stimulate the inspiration of anyone who always does the dishes or cooking.

If you like this idea, you probably need a professional mural artist to paint an inspiring piece of artwork.

Now if you don’t have the budget to hire one, you can use some scenic mural that you can easily apply by yourself using wallpaper. 

Pots and Pans               

You see, a lot of professional cooks as well as collectors do love of placing their tools and cookware as wall decorations.

However, in order to keep their quality, day-to-day use of pots and pans must be hang on the walls. By hanging your cookware, you’ll also create a retro-world atmosphere around your kitchen.

This is the very reason why pots and pans can be conveniently utilized and maintained by many homeowners.

Plates and Platters

A lot of individuals that have a lot of collection of fine china would place the cupboard as a display in their respective kitchens.

On the other hand, there are certain options for people who are fond of simplicity in their kitchen wall design. And we’re talking about utilizing platters hanger to show off all your favorite china collection.

Certainly, this idea will free up some good space instead of having a cupboard which is a little bit old-fashioned. 

Repurposing Baskets

Female hands holding freshly bread in basket

If you’re fond of all types of vintage accessories or decorations that can produce a retro vibe in your kitchen, then utilizing some antique baskets is clearly an ideal choice for you.

If you like this idea, then be sure to organize 3 or 4 old baskets into a straightforward pattern. Otherwise, this kind of display is advantageous to increase texture to your empty walls.

In addition, you can try hanging certain antiques as a rustic or bohemian display that can show an impressive kitchen wall design. 

Art Showcase

Certain painting from prominent painters could also be a good pick for your kitchen walls.

You can pick particular modern paintings to make elegant kitchen wall display. Also, you can simply hang your best family photos by placing them on a picture ledge.

On a side note, remember that your drawing or painting displays must use glass protection of kitchen splatters.

Artistic Display

If you didn’t know, having an open shelves design in your kitchen has the advantage of displaying some cute kitchen utensils with ease.

Do add some colorful glasses or plates on the lower shelves to preclude them from falling.

As for the upper part of the shelves, you can place some decorative objective or cookbook to create an artistic style of your kitchen wall. 

Chalkboard Paint

If you’re fond of making an artistic font with the use of your handwriting, then his idea might be perfect for you to implement.

Unlike tile pattern that uses permanent paint, chalkboard paint provides you the advantages of creating a custom wall decoration. 

It can be easily executed by putting plain black hue to fit the existing color paint in your kitchen wall. 

Decorative Tile

Kitchen with grey and white honeycomb wall tiles and wooden worktop

An impressive tile design in the kitchen can be very captivating for your guests. You can utilize tiles as a cover for your empty space.

Start by covering your kitchen wall using an artistic tile pattern such as a mural painted tile. This kind of design will give a vibrant look to your entire kitchen area.

But ultimately, graphics tile patterns are the most ideal option if you need a hassle-free kitchen décor. 


Kitchen wall decorations are not merely complement to your kitchen. In fact, they could be a huge benefit to your kitchen, particularly if you like to maintain your kitchen surfaces clean and neat.

Basically, there are a number of wall kitchen decoration ideas that you can use. But most of the time, you can implement these ideas based on your current kitchen setup.

Overall, we want to suggest you to find the most stylish wall décor idea according to your personality and your preferences so you can enjoy the final output.

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