Whether it is a disease or a blessing in disguise will always remain the big debate. However, today we are not here to add fuel to the fire. Rather we are here to help all the lazy souls out there who do not have the energy to get up and paint their walls and yet want their houses to look like one of those houses in the Architectural Digest lying haphazardly on their coffee table.

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Well, we are certainly not here to condemn or judge!

After all, once you shoot for the stars, you can land on the moon!

Home decor is easier than you make it to be. Yes, you must get up from that couch and work out something to make your brand-new house presentable. But, in this excerpt below, we will give you some ideas which can give you the “put together” effect without raising too much of your fingers.

In order to make it easier for you, we are giving you an account of five areas where you need to improve.

– Furniture.

– Windows.

– Bathroom Area.

– Walls, &

– Miscellaneous Items.

So, without further adieu, let’s get decorating!

Furniture – What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

It is not just about decoration but also maintenance. Afterall, you can invest all your dime in a leather couch but do not complain when it starts losing its lackluster due to needing to clean it more times. So, here are some of the things you can do when buying furniture.

1. Go Bamboo

Bamboo is not only the easiest to clean but also the most sustainable. They are dust and bacteria-resistant, and since the trees are growing at lightning speed, putting them to make furniture is not causing heavy deforestation.

Now, coming to the lazy part of buying this furniture. You won’t have to vacuum and clean this furniture every week. Just doing it once a month is enough. It is spillage-proof. Thus your furniture is finally protected from constant scrubbing on a Sunday afternoon because a friend decided to spill wine again.

2. Have A Floor Bed

No more wrestling with the sheets and the bed corners every morning. You can simply ditch the whole furniture scene. For your bedroom, having a mattress, a plush mattress topper on top, some linen sheets, and a comforter is enough.

Having a bed like that is quite the Instagram trend now (maybe it was a lazy person’s work). The mattress is easily liftable when tugging your sheets half asleep early in the morning. This “bed” has quite a messy look, so you do not need to be perfect with your comforter setting.

Add a few plush throw pillows in the mix, and you are good to go. Do not wish to put pillow and comforter covers; you can go forth with the monochromatic white look, as the minimalists say.

3. Declutter To Clean Less

Are your cupboards and cabinets always jammed packed, and you are scared to open them?

Isn’t that the story of every person’s life? Rather than fighting your clothes to fit them all in a tiny cupboard, how about you take some time and declutter them? The less you have, the more neat it looks, and the less you must fold after laundry.

Plus, fewer items means your drawers and cabinets are not messy and crowded with too many items, giving them a much cleaner look.


Windows looking bland, well, we have got you covered.

1. Clean Glass

When renovating your windows, do not go for those fancy printed glass structures. They are difficult to clean and, most importantly, block your view from the outside world. Nothing decorates a room more than the natural morning rays.

Thus, keep them a plain sliding glass. Cleaning will get easier with a plain surface since you only have to wipe the glass with some glass cleaner.

2. Have Blinds Rather Than Curtains

Easier to install and easier to clean!

A lazy person’s literal paradise.

Just imagine having to loop the curtain and then hang it. Rather than simply installing the rod, place the blind on top of that. You do not have to machine wash the curtains; rather, you can simply vacuum them once a month. It will hardly take 5 minutes!

You Can get these blinds in bamboo material if you want to add a rustic touch. Or, even go for different colors.

3. Try Valances Instead

Nowadays, Valances come with adhesive tape. If you do not want to hang curtains but not stare at direct sunlight lying on your bed, simply stick some solid or lace valances on the upper edge of your window.

This will ward off the scorching sun rays and help you get that undisturbed afternoon nap!

Bathroom Area

We cannot help with the cleaning. No matter how much you convince yourself that your bathroom is self-cleaning, you have to clean it twice a month to prevent molding. That being said, decorating it won’t be a difficult task.

1. Start With The Cabinet

Too many cabinets mean too much maintenance. Store your dirty clothes inside the machine (if you have one at home); this will allow you to not incest on a laundry basket.

Simply having a sink and one drawer is fine!

Do you need more storage space? Buy decorative baskets which you can cover with a lid and stack them below the cabinet. You are also saving when not building an entire bathroom vanity.

2. Have One Common Bath & Shower Area

Do you need more budget to have two separate showers and baths? Or is cleaning these areas bothering you?

Do not fret! Simply have one glass bathtub area. Make it a little rectangular enough to also turn it into a standing shower region whenever you do not have time for a bath. Invest in a good slip-free material to place on the tub floor when you are taking a shower (it will prevent lazy accidents)!

3. Use Simply Items

Natural plants are great for your bathroom area since you will need to maintain them that often. Due to the moisture-induced space of the area, plants live longer. Just keep the window open once you are done showering!

You can also add a bouquet of fresh flowers on the counter to add some vibrancy to the space. Candles also add to the easiest home decor ideas to make your bathroom extra cozy.


Now coming to the most difficult part of the home decor project. It is no secret that lazy people absolutely hate to paint the walls. It is time-consuming, and it takes a lot of patience, which in turn can make them drowsy. Painting is like deliberately inviting procrastination! So, here are some of the painless solutions you can try.

1. Wallpapers!

Perfect when you want an accent wall with vintage wildflowers but do not have the time to tea stain the entire wall. All you need to do is ship some fantastic wallpapers from Amazon, take a Squeegee, and get to work.

Yes, you will have to work on your walls for one weekend, but it is way better than painting, letting it dry, and then repainting.

2. A Picture Wall

If you have a smooth white wall with no paint, you can add adhesive nails to them. This will save you the time of drilling and hammering the nails. All you need to do is print the pictures of your choice and put them within the frames.

All they have left to do is place those pictures straight enough for your picture wall to look perfect.

3. Get The Minimalist Mood On

If you are someone having a hard time finding ideas for your blank wall, turn to the minimalist community. Hang an abstract painting on the wall and simply call it art.

Try line art with simple wood frames and place them in random corners of your wall. You can also get these pictures cheap from vintage or thrift stores.

Miscellaneous Items

Now let’s get into the miscellaneous items which you can throw around to make your decor look put together.


Flower bouquets in every corner of the rooms could add to the freshness of your lethargic stench. It might even pull you out of your melancholy and help you get a little active. Don’t worry about going out and buying flowers every week. Simply subscribe for the best flowers from an online flower shop, and get best flower delivery atlanta every week for the freshest blooms out there.


Whether tapered or aromatic, candles can give romantic lighting to your room. Plus, they are the easiest way to make your friends think your house is well put together.


Adding green to your white (painted) is another simpler way to make your rooms look picturesque. If you can’t take care of plants, you can easily invest in some artificial plants.

Mirror On The Floor

Too lazy to drill and hang a mirror? Why not keep the mirror on the floor ( a little tilted)? Another Instgram home decor trend you can follow. If you want to get a full aesthetic, why not go for a long golden framed mirror right beside your bedless “bed”?

Bamboo Baskets

If you have still failed to declutter and you have things lying everywhere, invest in a few bamboo baskets. Go all cottage-core with your decor! Trust us; even lingerie looks aesthetic when placed inside the basket.

Books Against The Wall

Lazy but also a reader! Your books can save you from the headache of decor. Stack them up against the walls. The spine should be facing the wall, and the different colors of the pages will give off an ethereal dark academic effect.

Light It Up

Mood lighting can do wonders for your room. Rather Than fluorescent basic white light, why not get some fair lights, copper string lights, lamps, and faux chandeliers? Have a mirror accent wall to reflect those lights, and your room will look phenomenal!

Have A Study Table

Buy a study table and decorate it. That’s it! This becomes the center of attention in the room, and people ignore the other lack of decoration around. You can do it with a coffee table and dining tables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from fellow lazy decorators!

1. How To Decorate a Room on a Low Budget?

Ans. If you are trying to decorate a room with a low budget here is some advice you can follow.

  • Buy vintage or thrift items.
  • Take good care of your items so you don’t have to replace them often.
  • Try natural decorations like flowers and plants.
  • Add mirrors with good golds.
  • Wallpapers rather than paying for paints.
  • Try monochromatic colors to make it look put together.

2. How To Try The Minimalist Style?

Ans. Here is how you can ace the minimalist theme:

  • Simple frames for your pictures.
  • Lots of plants in the corner.
  • Monochromatic style, especially dark wood.
  • White walls.
  • Natural Light.
  • Simple lamp shades.

3. What Are The 7 Principles Of Home Decor?

Ans. The seven principles of home decor will help you create a good space without crowding it too much for the eyes. They are balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, scale and proportion, and details.

4. How To Not Make Mistakes While Decorating Your House?

Ans. If you are scared of messing up your house, then place everything in accordance with the main furniture (bed, sofa, dining table), the windows, and the door. Nothing should clash with these three things.