What should be in a family command center?

Locating your family command center will allow you to plan out the furnishings for the space. Depending on what’s most important to you as a family, you’ll choose the methods and supplies to employ for organizing.

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The following are some suggestions for creating a command center at home. While it may be tempting to use each and every one, remember that your command center’s primary function is to streamline operations. If you keep this in mind, you can resist the need to fill the space to capacity.

  • A timepiece
  • Family timetables
  • Key Rings or Chains
  • Chalkboard
  • Mail, invoices, and other documents may be filed away in decorative wall hangings.
  • Kids’ permission slips, workbooks, and homework assignments may all be filed away on the wall.
  • A magnetic board or clipboard where students may display their work, achievements, and school pride
  • Storage for footwear, such as a cabinet or drawers
  • Coat hooks, scarf hooks, and bag hooks
  • A to-do list

What is a family command center

A family command center is a central location for the family’s schedule, paperwork, and other essentials. To me, it seems like an extension of my brain. Without this room and the knowledge it contains, I would be unable to operate my household.

What should a command center have?

Your family commander doesn’t need to be flashy or large, but it does need to accomplish its job. There are three essential items that should always be on your family table. These are the ones we are talking about:

  • A calendar or planner
  • Placement of Files
  • An area for Pens

Where should command center be placed in house?

The first step is to choose a suitable location for your calendar, family organization board, and other necessities. If you want to set up a command center in your home, it should be in a high-traffic area or a common gathering spot.

How do I create a command central in my house?

The first step in creating your own command center is locating a suitable location, followed by a thorough inventory of all of the clutter you already have. Third, always start with the basics when designing anything. Since it will house your personal belongings, it’s important that the design reflects who you are.

how to make a family command center: diy family command center tips (150WC)

The Ideal Command Center: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay organized since it’s unrealistic to expect your house to be spotless all the time.

It is also easy to let things slip when life becomes hectic, like letting mail pile up on the kitchen, leaving your keys in the bedroom, or forgetting to bring your to-do list out of your handbag. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a place to stash your belongings. These tips will definitely help you build your ideal family command center.

1. Opt for a Central Spot. Position your command center in a prominent spot in your house.
2. Compile a comprehensive inventory of all of your unwanted items.
3. Figure out what components your command center will include.
4. Create a layout for your room.
5. Classify things differently.
6. Put a label on everything.
7. Shop and repurpose.
8. Get it together!

ikea family command center

Feeling Nifty
Feeling Nifty

Image Source: IKEA Family Command Center

Use these IKEA tricks to get your house in order. The low prices of IKEA pieces make them ideal for furnishing clutter-free homes.

Some wall-mountable IKEA accessories and artwork are provided below.

  • Opening in front of an Ikea Frames
  • Storage for Shoes in an Ikea Cabinet
  • Chalkboard rack by Ikea
  • Electromagnets from Ikea
  • Objects of adornment

kitchen command center ideas

Kitchen Command Center Idea
Kitchen Command Center Idea

Image Source: Taste of Home

Check out these suggestions for setting up a command center in your kitchen.

Include the following in your kitchen command center:

  • Time and paper management tools
  • Hooks to hang bags or keys, and a power outlet
  • A whiteboard where you and your family may map out the week’s meals and grocery needs.

family command center wall ideas

Family Command Center Wall Ideas
Family Command Center Wall Ideas

Image Source: Somewhat Simple

Locate a visible spot in your house where you may keep your family calendar and other key documents where everyone will see them and update them often.

Incorporate the following stuff:

1. massive calendar on which to mark important dates and events.
2. Home Management Binders
3. Task Checklists
4. Postal service pickup spot and file storage

mudroom command center

Mudroom Command Center
Mudroom Command Center

Image Source: Pinterest

Trying to find a purpose for that extra room in your house? Think about a few of these hip upgrades for your house.

1. Apply to exterior surfaces
2. Adjust the Floor Elevation
3. Install a washbasin in the open air.
4. Check the Pipes for Flow
5. Put on a Fun Skirt
6. Build a Pegboard Splashback
7. Install Some Hooks

rustic command center

rustic command center
rustic command center

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s as if the word “rustic” alone transports you to the countryside. In a vintage but timeless sense, it does really feel like home.

Know what to hang on the barn-style wall you’ve been dreaming about:

1. Hook for Display Boards
2. Blackboard
3. Metal Pouch
4. Bulletin Board With A Push Pin Board
5. Clipboards

hallway command center

hallway command center
hallway command center

Image Source: Where the Smiles Have Been

This hallway-based command center is ideal for any active family since it provides discreet storage without sacrificing visibility.

Items to be included:

1. Dry erase calendars.
2. Schedule for the week
3. Bulletin Board
4. Display for folders
5. List of tasks
6. A handy little shelf for storing your essentials

cork board command center

cork board command center
cork board command center

Image Source: Design Improvised

Make a corkboard you’ll like looking at and using.

Follow these instructions to make the cork board of your dreams:

  1. Apply a Priming Coat
  2. Stencil a Design Onto It
  3. Remove Stencil When Necessary
  4. Be sure to fill in any blanks
  5. Separate the tape
  6. Make a show of your newly decorated cork board

family command center printables

Family Command Center Printables
Family Command Center Printables

Image Source: Pinterest

Discussing the latest and greatest in command center technology may be a breeze sometimes.

Here’s a simplified, do-it-yourself option that even comes with printouts you can use for free!

  1. Typical Weekly Meal Plan Example
  2. A Grocery List Template
  3. Weekly Activity Schedule Example
  4. Free Blank Monthly Schedules
  5. Shipping Box Stickers
  6. Graph of Praise for Children

wall command center ideas

Wall Commander Center Ideas
Wall Commander Center Ideas

Image Source: Home BNC

You need your own designated wall commander area if you like displaying personal memorabilia.

What you could do is this:

Pick a Spot in the Middle
Organize your junk by creating a master list.
Establish the Components of Your Command Center
Create a System to Classify and Label All of Your Items

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