Did you just uncover definite proof that you have a mouse problem in your home? It is easy to give in to disbelief and ignore the telltale signs that vermin are lurking around your house. It does take some time to admit you have a mouse problem in your home finally.

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If you are still not sure, you have a mouse problem, here a few indicators that you do have an unwelcome guest. Encountering rodent droppings is the best evidence that you have been invaded by mice or worse maybe even rats.

Rodent droppings are smaller than a grain of rice. It is similar in shape as well but is black or brown. Do not attempt to remove the droppings without wearing protective gloves as rodent are carriers of disease and viruses.

Their dry droppings are even more dangerous and can emit hazardous particles when broken upon contact. These particles become airborne and can enter your nasal passages if you breathe them in.

Use a protective air mask when handling these volatile droppings and make sure to disinfect the area with bleach right away. Spotting small holes in various areas of your home is another significant indicator that vermin are present.

Chewed up food packages or half eaten food in your pantry in another sign that there are unwanted visitors in your home. It is best to take note of these changes, mark where you have seen dropping as well as the chewed up food and holes.

This happens to the best of us. What is essential is your steely resolve to do something about it finally. Having to deal with a mice infestation can bring a hamper to your daily routine, but at least you are now aware of the problem.

Now you just need to make some changes to your daily routine to ensure the mouse problem does not continue or get even worse. What we want to avoid is an all-out infestation and to remove these pesky vermin from your home permanently.

Make sure to secure your trash. Rodents are base creatures, and all they want is food and shelter. If your trash is not secured with a tight-fitting lid, then that is an open invitation to mice and rats alike. Same thing for food being left out. Yes, even pet food.

Make sure to put them away when done feeding your pet, do not leave your pet’s bowl full overnight. That is just an open invitation to the mice to have a midnight feast at your expense.  Keep all food that is not in the fridge in airtight containers.

Different Methods to get rid of mice permanently

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap

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There are several options to go about catching the mice in your home. Using a mouse or rat trap is the most traditional way of eliminating these vermin. A snap trap being the most traditional and most effective methods of killing rodents should be on top of your list.

Set several snap traps around the areas you noted earlier. The places where you observe droppings would be a right place to start laying traps in. Another good hunting area would be the place where you found the half eaten food products.

Carefully set the traps, make sure to use either cheese or peanut butter as bait. Make sure to check the traps every day. If you noticed that the bait is gone then you are dealing with a slightly intelligent adversary, refill the bait and reset the trap. This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of mice.

It all comes down to patience and persistence. After catching the rodent then merely throw away the entire trap. Make sure to reset another trap after every kill. It is also important to disinfect the kill zone with bleach or your favorite disinfectant.

When you see evidence of one mouse or rat, then it is more than likely that there is a pack of them. Reset your traps as often as needed, until you are satisfied that you no longer have any vermin in your home.

In case you do not want to see the dead mouse then you can purchase no see traps which mainly houses the carcass until you are ready to throw it away.

If you do not like the idea of killing the mouse then there are more humane, no-kill mouse traps. These are an option if you have maybe a couple of mice in your home. Each time you catch one, do not go just outside your home and set it free because it will just go back inside.

Take some time and bring the mousetrap to a local park or wooded area and set it free there. Make sure that this is a reasonable distance from your home, make it more than two miles.


Feline Power

Feline Power
Feline Power

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This is one of the best solutions on how to get rid of mice naturally. Nothing could be more natural than having a cat do all the work for you. If you do not own a cat, then talk to your friend that owns an experienced rat-catching cat.

Try to borrow the cat for a few days to help eliminate your mouse or rat problem. Better yet go to the pound and adopt a cat or just purchase one from the pet store. If your friend’s cat just had a litter make sure to ask for a kitten when it is old enough to take home.

Using a cat as a mouse or ratcatcher may not work if the cat is a lazy indoor cat that has not clue on what to do after finding its prey. It is best to acquire a cat that already knows how to catch mice. Adopting street cats might work best for this since they live by hunting.

Be careful when adopting street cats as they might not be that friendly but I believe if you put in the effort you can win any cat over. Raising a kitten, keeping it around the house plus allowing it free reign in and around your home would be an excellent idea to keep the vermin in check.


Seal your home

Seal your home
Seal your home

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Conduct a thorough inspection of both the inside and outside of your home. Carefully check for the tiniest holes. Start with the outside and work your way indoors. Meticulously inspect every inch of your walls, scrutinize every crack or hole you see.

Take a pen with you; this will serve as a benchmark. If your pen fits through a hole, then that opening is big enough for a mouse to pass through and get into your home. To seal the opening, you will need some steel wool. Rodents do not like the texture of steel wool and will avoid it.

First stuff the opening with a good amount of steel wool. Then use expanding foam filler or insulation to fill the gap. Expanding foam insulation usually comes in an easy to use aerosol can.

I can recommend Great stuff big gap filler; this fantastic product can fill any hole with cement like structure to ensure that no vermin can pass through that same route again. This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of mice in walls.

Before you use this product, for added safety, use gloves and wear clothes that you can do without in case you make a mess. Be careful not to get any of this in contact with your skin. Very easy to use, read the directions as well and spray directly into the hole.

Spray a generous amount to fill the gap entirely than just wait twenty minutes for it to expand and harden. Use any knife to cut away the excess filler from the filled hole. This cement like fix will prevent any more rodents from using that same route to get into your home.

Preventing the rodents access to your home is one the best ways on how to get rid of mice without killing them.


Keep your trash sealed both inside and outside your home. Do not give mice a reason to feel welcome in your home by giving them a reason to stay. Make sure to seal all the holes and possible entry points that may allow rodents access to your home.

Keep a cat at home. Other than being great pets they are the natural predators of mice and love to kill rodents. Your pet cat will prove itself as a great hunter, and its presence will keep the rodents away from your humble abode.

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