Make your living room into a conducive home for both you and your kids with these beautiful ideas that will surely help you!

Children require many strollers, cribs, and gears from an early age. The list extends to toys as they get older. Trying to keep up with having to clean up their messes can be heinous; their play tools may soon take over every aspect of the house, particularly the living room.

Having a playhouse in your home is pertinent; toys littering the living room may be an eyesore, especially if you often receive visitors. 

These living room toy storage solutions will help you manage your ward toys and get rid of clutter. Check out other living room decor to enhance your living room.

Table of Contents

  1. Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room IKEA
  2. Hidden Toy Storage Ideas Living Room
  3. Lounge Toy Storage Ideas
  4. Family Room Toy Storage Ideas
  5. Small Living Room Toy Storage Ideas
  6. Large Toy Storage Ideas Living Room
  7. Living Room Toy Organization Ideas
  8. Front Room Toy Storage Ideas
  9. Creative Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room
  10. Decorative Toy Storage for Living Room

1. Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room IKEA

Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room IKEA

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Another popular option is Ikea’s Trofast toy storage system. It is unique because of its adaptability. The Trofast, unlike the Kallax, is an open dresser that you should fill with various sizes of drawers – slim, twofold, and triple-height. 

This allows you to store toys of different sizes in the same unit since you may have a line of slim drawers for Legos atop a row of deeper drawers for plush animals. Depending on the size of your area, the Trofast collection also offers a variety of other units.

  • The storage drawers are “ideal for categories of products that are ”grab-n-go”. 
  • The particleboard components are available in two distinct finishes: solid pine and white. 
  • This design comes with three narrow drawers and three double-height cabinets, but you may swap with three triple-height drawers if you wish because each drawer can be purchased.

2. Hidden Toy Storage Ideas Living Room

Hidden Toy Storage Ideas Living Room

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Stylishly organize your home! On these toss-in, bin-like playground bulk bins, the easiest way to teach youngsters to clean up after themselves is to use adorable storage containers with wheels. With large, colorful storage bins, you can control the clutter and store all your toys arranged pleasantly and functionally.

Toys, literature, clothes, shoes, and much more are welcome! The elegantly designed toy shelf is a must-have for any household with children!

  • The heavy-duty solid caster wheels make mobility and portability a breeze.
  •  The charming smiley toy storage baskets can help you save space while keeping your residence organized, tidy, and clean. 
  • They also make it easy to access toys and other items. This multipurpose toy storage trolley is ideal for storing a variety of toys.

This multifunctional toy storage rack is a delightful addition to any living room toy storage idea.

3. Lounge Toy Storage Ideas

Lounge Toy Storage Ideas

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A grey ottoman with a top opening is a toy storage solution in a lounge.
Allow your furniture to serve multiple purposes. You already have chairs in the living room; put them to good use as toy storage. To keep the toys concealed out of sight – and in elegance – use a colossal ottoman that leaves open for storage capacity.

  • Storage ottomans are available in various forms, sizes, colors, and fabrics to complement your rug, sofa, and another decor. 
  • The most significant feature is kicking your feet up once the simple toy cleanup is through.

4. Family Room Toy Storage Ideas

Family Room Toy Storage Ideas

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Compact Baskets for Small Toys are an excellent option for living room storage.
You can store little toys, a collection of related objects, or baby toys in charming baskets that match your room’s décor.

Baskets are available in various colors and fabrics, including linen, tweed, and canvas, and are versatile.

  • Sizes and designs vary depending on the producer.
  • You can request custom designs
  • The ones made out of silks are safer around children than bamboo.

Choose baskets that blend well with the decor and can confidently stand in public. Then leave them on the ground, on a shelf, or beneath the coffee table.

5. Small Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

Small Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

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For a small toy storage room, a regular cube designer is a great fit: It can be used vertically or horizontally, and it doesn’t require any containers. It’s a blank canvas that you can personalize with cube storage bins to complement the design of your home.

  • It is straightforward to assemble,
  • has a large number of components, 
  • and is of great value, according to customers, especially given how polished it appears.

To protect the screws, little caps are provided. Three, four, six, eight, and nine-cube versions and four distinct finishes are available.You can also visit for more tips!

6. Large Toy Storage Ideas Living Room

Large Toy Storage Ideas Living Room

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Just because your living room also serves as a playroom, it does not have to look like one. These living room toy storage solutions are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so you don’t have to sacrifice your style or comfort for the kids’ sake.

  • This type of ample toy storage gives an ultramodern feel.
  • Inbuilt with custom cabinets and cupboards,
  • A crystal ball light can be installed around it for bright illumination
  • Use Vinyl or PVC for the flooring as it is a good insulator
  • Several throw  pillows should be kept in place in case children decide to sleep off while playing

7. Living Room Toy Organization Ideas

Living Room Toy Organization Ideas

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It’s not unusual to have a bookcase in your living room. In some cases, they’re a massive, wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor showcase; in others, they’re a more intriguing collection of trinkets, books, and even toy storage. Sometimes they’re more modest, narrow designs with plenty of shelf space to fill.

Instead of storing children’s toys in boxes or a cupboard, include them on your display shelves.

  • One shelf is dedicated to a mix of children’s pocket-sized books for story time, 
  • Toy boards and illustrated short stories are a great way to convey your family’s narrative. 
  • Place them at a child-friendly height so they can come in and help themselves.

8. Front Room Toy Storage Ideas

Front Room Toy Storage Ideas

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Just before opening the door, a closet with storage is a fantastic method to store a lot of toys, and it’ll also serve as a valuable piece of furniture later on.

  • Fortunately, a well-designed trolley-like cube toy storage pack may complement your home’s interior decor. 
  • The boxed activities and jigsaw puzzles that are difficult to store in standard toy storage methods can be held in this small setup.
  • It’s impossible to avoid children having many toys. Instead of trying to banish every item out of sight, embrace them like a grandma with lots of kids and their ever-increasing gorgeous toys.

Some toys are best stored in a cabinet! And if you have some toys that are lovely in their own right, don’t be afraid to utilize them as house decor.

9. Creative Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room

Creative Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room

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Look for an underutilized corner in your living room that might be used to store toys. As implied by the headline, the creative showmanship is up to you, but so that you know anywhere in your sitting room can be used so that it won’t disturb other activities.

If you transform awkward corners into kid-friendly spaces, they can become play areas.

  • Your small one will love their private activity zone or cubbyhole, especially if you add bright lights and rugs. 
  • Even better if it’s a hidden spot that you won’t notice until your kids are in bed!
  • Arrange an open cube box in a staircase manner
  • A fancy basket is an extra feature, but your wards’ toys are fit for storage with this.

10. Decorative Toy Storage for Living Room

Decorative Toy Storage for Living Room

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Alt-text:Decorative Toy Storage for Living Room

This Fashionable storage container has a space-saving, foldable shape for adaptability and convenience. It’s constructed of 100% cotton and embellished with a slew of brightly coloured handcrafted pom-poms. Carry it anywhere there’s clutter with the cutout handles—it’s the perfect size for tiny toys, clothes, or even toiletries.

  • 100% cotton storage bin, soft and collapsible
  • It’s the ideal size for storing small toys, clothes, toiletries, and other essentials.
  • Each pom is handcrafted and hand-sewn onto the bin.

Any room in the house can benefit from a collapsible storage solution.
Clean and sleek. If stained, hand-wash the affected area with a clean, slightly moist cloth and, if necessary, natural detergent. To make the bin wrinkle-free and crisp, iron it inside with a hot iron and steam. This is most popular among Indians.

How to Store Toys in Living Room

Toys are tricky to manage because they can get out of hand rapidly. Whatever mums do, children’s toys seem to end up in the living room. Toy storage and organization can be more difficult if you have limited space.

Here are tips on how to store toys in the sitting room effectively:

  • Create a toy rotation system; Store half of your children’s toys and rotate between the half periodically 
  • Cube shelves with decorative baskets are also a life saver
  • Storage Ottoman is another tricky way to use your sitting room furniture in toy storage 
  • Above all, always keep these toys sorted; it helps your child stay organized.
  • You can as well utilize vertical space and under couch baskets.

If you want to see how this trick is performed, watch this Youtube video, it is pretty explanatory!


You might want to explore still more ideas to have decorative toy storage for the living room by visiting kids furniture

Living room toy storage ideas are numerous and great to explore. We hope you enjoyed the family room toy storage ideas for both small and large living rooms. You don’t have to limit yourself to just an idea, enjoy the use of the above creative toy storage ideas for the living room. Remember to always allow yourself to be creative when designing your living room space.

We hope you’ve been inspired by these suggestions and are ready to implement any of them in your living room. Visit Guy About Home today for more amazing ideas.

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