Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Experiencing bathroom sink blockages? Anticipating selling the house? If you have such concerns, there’s a high likelihood that it’s about time you bought a brand-new bathroom sink to appraise your washrooms and entire home too.

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Your bathroom sink often shows many tell-tale signs after taking enough beating from the wear and tear of daily usage. For the scope of this article, however, we will restrict ourselves to only examining the top seven obvious bathroom sink replacement signs.

1. Cracked or damaged sinks

Cracked or damaged sinks
Cracked or damaged sinks

Bathroom sinks are very resilient and sturdy. Cracking can only occur when the sink gets exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, a heavy object lands on them, or the fixture deteriorates with age. Repairing a bathroom sink is a costly nuance, to say the very least. After all, it costs more or less the same to repair a damaged sink as it does to replace it.

2. Creating extra room

Does your bathroom vanity always look messy? If you’re often out of space to store your toiletries, then there is no doubt you need a new spacious vanity or, better yet, a new bathroom sink.

You need to upgrade the sinks if your towels and toilet paper don’t fit in your cabinets or standing shelves.
Cluttered toiletries on the bathroom vanity indicate that your existing setup cannot handle the user’s needs. As such, it is imperative to make the necessary upgrades to create extra room.

3. Mold formation

Bathroom sinks are typically around moist and humid areas. These conditions encourage mold formation. Alternatively, mold can arise from leakages in the pipes feeding the bathroom sink.

Replace any bathroom sinks and vanities tainted with mold with urgency or hire a mold removal expert. The longer you leave the mold infestation unattended, the more severe the problem becomes as the mildew spreads to other areas.

4. Outdated design

There are times when you just feel that the sink has to go. Yes, it could be working fine, but it resembles an artifact from a gone era. Over time, bathroom sinks can become outdated. These get replaced by new and elegant-looking products. Fortunately, the bathroom sink factories work overtime to release stylish designs daily. Go online and check out some of the latest contemporary and classic bathroom sinks.

5. Selling the property

At times, you have to part ways with your property. It could be you are moving to a different home or simply relocating due to work. In such situations, you need to find a buyer for your abode. Your for-sale property must be in its best shape and form to get the best deals. As preparation, you should change old and ugly-looking sinks and other fixtures that have taken a beating from your repeated usage.

6. Rusted sinks

Moist areas are always susceptible to rust. Bathroom sinks and faucets often rust and need immediate replacement. If your home has older pipes, you might need to check them for rust and replace them if necessary.

Rust is a health risk that, if left unattended, can contaminate your drinking water. This tainted water can, in turn, trigger a whole range of undesirable illnesses. It is wise to update the sinks the moment you detect rust. Call a professional plumber to inspect your piping for potential rust.

7. Persistent blockages

If the bathroom sink starts acting up regularly, there is a severe underlying issue. With such problematic sinks, there is no need to keep calling the plumbers. The experts will only take your money. If the sink issues persist for over a month, it is advisable to seek an upgrade once and for all. Get a professional plumber to come and look at the sink system before fitting a new product. That way, you avoid recycling the previous issues all over again.

Finding the right bathroom sink

Finding the right bathroom sink can help transform your bathrooms. After all, this sink is the first thing seen when someone walks into the bathroom.

Be very careful when selecting a bathroom sink. For starters, remember that this is a purchase that you most likely get to do once in your lifetime. Therefore, you need to put a lot of thought into considerations, such as the exact model, type, color, number of users, cost, and warranty.

Additionally, you need to consider the bathroom size. If you own a compact bathroom, you’re better off using pedestal basins, corner basins, or wall-hung basin sinks. You also need to factor in the mounting option for your new sink. For example, if you chose a corner basin sink, it needs to be mounted on a bathroom corner. If you select a countertop basin, you need a vanity worktop unit. Pedestal basins are perhaps the most popular classic bathroom sink option, especially for budget customers.

At the end of the day, you want to select a bathroom sink matching your home’s theme and style. You are looking for a sink that comfortably handles the needs of your growing family.