Stay Cool in the Heat 5 Home Improvement Tips for Las Vegas Residents
Stay Cool in the Heat 5 Home Improvement Tips for Las Vegas Residents

Las Vegas is a beautiful city that is known for its glamor and flashy life. However, that reputation often hides the quieter side of the city, which resembles any other city in the US with suburban neighborhoods, schools, churches, and malls.

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People soon realized that there was more to Las Vegas beyond the risque life and that it had a lot of living benefits, such as the non-existent income tax in the state of Nevada. This, along with other factors, led to something of a mini real estate boom, with the city seeing a 244% appreciation over the last ten years.

While many people love residential life here, the heat can be something of a pain to deal with. Fortunately, there are a number of home improvements that can help.

#.1 Cooling Paints

One thing that all new residents quickly come to learn is that the Mojave desert climate is dry and hot for most of the year. You only see a bit of cold weather in December when the temperature can drop to the high 30s, but for the most part, you are dealing with 95 – 105 degree temperatures frequently during the peak summer months.

This can get exhausting fast. Thankfully, there are a number of home improvements you can make to deal with the heat.

A simple method would involve a fresh coat of special paint that reduces the temperatures inside your home.

Coating the outside walls of your home with cool roof paints or reflective paints is a great way to lower temperature without needing to rely on electricity. Such coatings work well in reflecting the hot Las Vegas sun and absorb less heat when compared to conventional coats of paint.

#2. Shades

Sometimes, simple solutions are far more effective than complex alternatives. There are a number of ways to go about creating shade around your home, and this can significantly lower temperatures. Planting trees and vegetation in strategic spots is a great way of not only lowering temperatures but also improving air quality. Deciduous trees are your best bet as they keep all their leaves during the summer.

“Shade Sails” are also an easy and effective way to create large amounts of shade instantly. They have the benefit of being inexpensive and easy to install. You can install them around your house, in your backyard, and anywhere that sunlight would reflect and radiate heat into your home or living spaces.

#3. Green Roofs

Green roofs can resemble the shire from the Lord of The Rings trilogy. As the name suggests, green roofs involve vegetation placed on the roof of a home in the form of grass or drought-resistant plants. They do a fantastic job of reducing heat and improving air quality.

However, setting it up is a little bit expensive due to the extra reinforcement and preparation that you would need, but once those costs are covered, it can be an energy-efficient way of cooling your home.

Some statistics show that green roofs can lower temperatures by 7 degrees.

#4. Don’t Forget to Prepare for Winter

The heat of Vegas is so famous that people often forget that the city can get cold as well. Granted, it’s not going to get as chilly as cities like Minneapolis or Chicago, but you will still find yourself reaching for the thermostat more often than not. Having a wonky heating system is something extremely annoying to deal with then.

To avoid such headaches, you should find a service that is good at heating repair in Las Vegas. They should ideally be EPA certified and capable of working on a variety of heating solutions, such as heat pumps and furnaces. They should also be good at maintaining any heating-reliant systems like insulation and ventilation ducts.

#5. Energy Efficient Windows

Plain glass windows are not the best option when dealing with extreme weather. There are a lot of unique window options these days that can lower the amount of heat that enters your home. These are great because they excel at preventing heat transfer which also has the added benefit in winter when it can keep heat trapped inside.

Some options that you can look into are glazed windows, insulated frames, and multiple pane layers that are separated by air or gas.


Las Vegas is a great place to stay, and a little bit of work on your home can make it easier to handle the desert climate. These home improvements can also increase the value of your property, making any investment worth it. Modifications like green roofs may feel like an expensive addition, but the uniqueness can net you a higher selling price in the future.

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