A mini-split system is the most efficient and convenient way to deal with indoor comfort problems. It’s a smart technology that can distribute cool air without ducts. The mini-split systems consist of miniature air handlers that send the conditioned air to the rooms.
However, like any other home comforter, mini-splits can also show occasional issues. And the most annoying issue is water leakage. The interior unit can start leaking water. Water damage can cause an uncomfortable ambiance inside the house.
If you notice that your mini-split is leaking water, it is important to address the issue promptly. Neglecting the problem could potentially result in further damage to the unit or your home. Therefore, it’s crucial to take action and address the Mini Split Leaking Water issue.

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Areas of Water Leakage in A Mini-Split & How to Fix It

First of all, don’t fret if your mini-split system is leaking water. The solution to fix this issue is simpler than your expectations. Follow the below steps:

  • Find out the water source.
  • Check the drain pan situated beneath the evaporator coil. It will be damp due to the condensation on the evaporator coils.
  • If the leakage is occurring from the condenser coil, the condensation that forms will drip from the device’s bottom.
  • If the water is leaking from the system’s base, it means that the water is coming from the pipes.

Once you can detect the water source, you can take the necessary steps to solve the water leakage problem.

  • If the problem is with the condenser coil, clear away any obstructions to the airflow passage.
  • In case the problem lies in the pipework, you can switch out the hose or tighten the fittings.
  • However, you will need a professional to look at the conditioner’s HVAC systems to stop water leakage.

In general, regular servicing of the HVAC system can minimize the chances of water leakage. It’s essential to have your air conditioner inspected regularly to maintain its functionality. A professional can only detect the issue in the system, and then clean and fix the problem, if any. Moreover, the air filter of a mini-split needs replacement at least every 90 days.

Warning Signs of Water Leakage From Your Mini-Split

You should address the water leakage issue with your mini-split immediately. If not resolved on time, the consequences can get severe, resulting in complete breakdown.
Look for the water leakage warning signs mentioned below and call a professional right away to check out your machine.

  • The mini-split air conditioner is making weird noises.
  • There isn’t enough air circulation in the room.
  • The relative humidity has risen inside the room.
  • Evaporator coils have frozen up.
  • The float switch or condensate pump is faulty.

How to Repair A Mini-Split Water Leak At Home?

Based on the circumstances, your best course of action will be to fix the water leakage issue of your mini-split at home. If it’s due to the clogged filter, replace it. This alone can fix the problem.
The drain lines can also be clogged in your mini-split system, causing water leaks. You can easily clean the clogged drain lines with a vacuum hose, a bucket, a head screwdriver, and electrical tape.
Follow these instructions:

  • Turn off the mini-split air conditioner.
  • After taking out the filter, remove the plastic covering.
  • Look for the drain pipe.
  • After spotting the pipes, empty the water from them into a bucket.
  • If there’s excess dust, remove it with the vacuum hose.
  • Once you are done, reseal the place and put everything back in the conditioner.

When To Seek A Professional’s Help?

If your mini-split is leaking a little water, you can deal with it without any hassle. Just follow the instructions mentioned above.
But even if the problem persists or the machine is leaking too much water, it will need a professional’s attention. They can find out whether the drain pan is damaged or not. If so, they would replace it with the correct parts.
On the other hand, you may find the drain line very difficult to clean or that your conditioner requires more refrigerant. In such instances, a professional HVAC service will only help.
A dirty filter can lead to significant problems in your mini-split system if it is not cleaned for long. So it’s better to get a professional to check it.
So a mini-split air conditioner can have water leakage due to these primary reasons. Before the problem gets severe, call an HVAC expert. They will aid you in getting your conditioner running efficiently again.

Avoid Water Leakage in Your Mini-Split Systems

Proper maintenance can help you prevent water leakage in your mini-split system. So it’s recommended to get the conditioner serviced before the cooling and heating seasons. By getting your condition serviced at least once a year, it will keep you healthy and comfortable throughout the summer.

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