Ficus yellow gem in a pot
Ficus yellow gem in a pot

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Benefit from caring for yellow gem ficus

Yellow Gem Ficus is known for its various health benefits specifically for central nervous system, endocrine system, etc. To take care of this council tree ficus, make sure it gets plenty of bright and indirect light. Regularly water it up to the top half of soil. Learn more about maintaining this plant through this comprehensive guide.

No worries! Though you might encounter the difficulties when learning how to care such an plant as a new plant caring starter, we got the most popular plant lover quotes that can partner with you and you are going to succeed in plant care and grow.

ficus yellow gem: overview & facts

Ficus altissima is a species of flowering plant, a fig tree in the family Moraceae, sometimes known as the council tree and lofty fig. It is an enormous, imposing evergreen hemiepiphyte that is indigenous to Southeast Asia.

Ficus altissima is an evergreen forest tree with a spreading crown and multiple bolstered trunks that is characteristic of the subgenus Urostigma. Similar to hoya chelsea, its bark is usually composed of smooth, grey with small pale brown blisters . The branches usually spread, and the twigs are hairy and often green when young. The shape of the leaves are elliptic to ovate, with entire margins, and can grow to be 100 by 40 mm in size (3.9 by 1.6 in).

My full-grown ficus altissima”Yellow Gem” plant care story

Yellow Gem Ficus with new leaves
Yellow Gem Ficus with new leaves

Source: Lively Root

Throughout the growing season, water your ficus tree on a regular basis. Avoid overwatering it by allowing the compost to dry out. During the summer, fertilize every three weeks with a well-diluted house plant feed. The added vitamins will aid in the growth of new shoots and leaves.

Yellow ficus gem potted indoors
Yellow ficus gem potted indoors

Source: Tropical Plants UK & Exotic Plants

Yellow ficus gems can be placed indoors as long as it’s well-lit by an indirect sunlight. Maintaining proper moisture by regular watering should be done. Wiping its leaves with a damp cloth protects it from accumulating dust. Make sure that temperature is maintained below 55-60 degrees fahrenheit when its indoors.

Yellow gem ficus in a pot
Yellow gem ficus in a pot

Source: Plantly

Because it dislikes being rootbound, you should repot your Yellow Gem every year. To prevent root rot, the new pot should be 2 to 3 inches wider than the diameter of the root ball.

Repot during the active growth season, which is usually in the spring or early to mid-summer. During this time, the plant is growing rapidly enough that any tissue damage sustained during the move will be easily repaired. This is significant for the yellow gem because it is sensitive to sudden environmental changes.

Yellow ficus gem under indirect sunlight
Yellow ficus gem under indirect sunlight

Source: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

This plant is known for its bright oval leaves with variegated patterns of green and yellow. When its leaves maintain its two-tone color pattern, you are doing a good job of taking care of it.

large ficus altissima

A tall yellow ficus gem
A tall yellow ficus gem

Source: Wholesale Foliage Plant

A large ficus altissima standard size in the wild can reach up to 25-30 meters tall.  Like ficus triangularis, this plant typically comes in a 17-inch pot and grows to a height of around 9 feet.

ficus altissima vs other ficus altissima varieties

ficus altissima vs benghalensis

Ficus benghalensis
Ficus benghalensis

Source: Plant Identification

Ficus benghalensis or typically known as Ficus Audrey is a different plant from the ficus altissima. It is native to India and is characterized by its solid green color. At its youth, it’s very hard to tell apart which is which when it’s next to a Yellow Gem Ficus.

Ficus Altissima Yellow Gem
Ficus Altissima Yellow Gem

Source: Little Prince Plants

Yellow gem ficus is characterized by its variations in colors mainly green and yellow. Although, it shares a lot of similarities with ficus audrey in its shape, these two are different plants.

ficus altissima vs ficus elastica

Ficus elastica (Rubber plant)
Ficus elastica (Rubber plant)

Source: Our House Plants

Ficus elastica belongs in the same family Moraceae as the ficus altissima. Its colors are a darker shade of green and its trunks are thicker than the yellow gem ficus. It can reach heights of 30-40 meters (100-130 ft) and may also reach up to 60 meters (195 ft). Aerial and buttressing roots form on the trunk to assist it to become rooted in the ground and sustain large branches.

Ficus Altissima Standard Large
Ficus Altissima Standard Large

Source: Pinterest

Unlike the yellow gem ficus, ficus elastica has much larger leaves. Although it shares similarities in its broad shiny oval leaves. The sheath for the new leaves is also burgundy, unlike in the ficus altissima which is a lighter shade of green

Are all ficus altissima variegated?

All ficus altissima are variegated with leaves of lemon, lime, and dark green colors. Same as dischidia ovata, in warm regions, its best to plant this on gound soil. Doing so, would allow it to reach heights of 40 ft. tall.

ficus altissima care: things to know

No worries! Though you might encounter the difficulties when learning how to care such an plant as a new plant caring starter, we got the most popular plant lover quotes that can partner with you and you are going to succeed in plant care and grow.

Is ficus altissima rare?

A species of the lively “yellow gem” ficus is the ficus altissima. They were only recently cultivated, therefore it’s still challenging to find them in stores.

Is ficus altissima an indoor plant

Ficus altissima is a perfect houseplant. You can purchase a little Ficus altissima plant, but with enough time and attention, it will develop into a tree that can easily grow to 6 feet tall indoors.

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Is ficus altissima a rubber tree

Ficus altissima fruit
Ficus altissima fruit

Source: Flowers of India

Ficus altissima is a rubber tree as most of the other plants that belong in the same family. Ficus altissima can produce fruit if maintained well with fig wasps that pollinate it. However, it’s rare for them to be cultured for the production of fruits.

Is ficus altissima hard to care for

Ficus altissima trees don’t care too much about soil, therefore maintaining It is sufficient to use regular potting soil, such as “indoor potted plant soil” or “houseplant soil.” In either situation, the plant grows best in rich, well-draining soil. If you wish to have ficus altissima flowers, place them outdoors.

Does ficus altissima grow fast?

Fast-growing ficus trees flourish in tropical and subtropical regions. Healthy, quick-growing trees frequently reach a height of 25 feet in 10 years, despite the fact that growth rates vary greatly between species and environments.

Is ficus altissima toxic?

Ficus altissima contains a white sap that is considered toxic to humans and dogs. Dogs who consume any component of the ficus plant may become ficus poisoned. Certain enzymes found in the sap have the potential to irritate dogs.

Is ficus altissima the same as Audrey?

Ficus altissima and ficus audrey are plants that come from the same family. Although they may look similar, especially in their youth, these two plants are different from one another.

How tall does a ficus altissima grow?

Ficus Altissima in a pot indoors
Ficus Altissima in a pot indoors

Source: Home Depot

The big, evergreen Ficus altissima tree, which may reach a height of 30 meters (98 feet), is typical of the subgenus Urostigma and has a spreading crown and frequently several buttressed trunks.

how to care for ficus altissima

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ficus altissima soil

Potting soil
Potting soil

Source: Savvy Gardening

Make sure to select a fast-draining variety, preferably with a neutral pH level of 6.5-7, as Ficus altissima doesn’t like to sit in moist soil. In a pinch, cactus soil or indoor potting soil with little extra perlite and peat moss added can work, but we advise something with a little more nutrition.

ficus altissima light

Ficus Altissima Yellow Gem
Ficus Altissima Yellow Gem

Source: Alsip Nursery

A Ficus altissima grows best in an east-facing window, where it will receive brilliant light all day long but little to no direct sunlight after 10:00 a.m. or so.

ficus altissima watering

Watering ficus plant
Watering ficus plant

Source: Potted Wall

In comparison to some other ficus cultivars, Ficus altissima often prefers a little less water. When a moisture meter reads about three or when the top four inches of soil feel dry to the touch, it is time to water it. It’s also wise to mist your ficus when there is low humidity.

ficus altissima pruning

Pruning your Ficus altissima to keep it compact and orderly in its container is a smart idea. Just as crispy wave fern, by carefully pruning off specific branches, you can modify the contour of the canopy and remove damaged leaves. Annual pruning of useless and dead branches will promote lush vegetation

how to propagate ficus altissima

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ficus altissima problems

Caring for ficus altissima yellow gem requires knowing its physical health. Usually, problems can easily be detected visually. Learn more about how to look out for your plant below.

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ficus altissima leaves falling off

To care for a ficus altissima yellow gem, always maintain a bright well-lit on its location with indirect light. Looking out for its routine watering and fertilizer will help you avoid dropping leaves from your ficus altissima yellow gem.

ficus altissima dying

A dying ficus altissima yellow gem is determined when its leaves turn brown and then fall. Check your watering schedule right away. Usually, overwatering and underwatering cause the death of ficus altissima.

ficus altissima brown spots

Brown spots is a telltale sign that your yellow gem ficus might be experiencing root rot. These are the results of either overwatering or underwatering. Maintain a proper water schedule for your ficus to avoid brown spots from its leaves.

ficus altissima leaves curling

Increased moisture loss from leaves will result from low humidity or dry air. Your Ficus elastica will respond by curling its leaves upward or inward to lessen the loss.

ficus altissima overwatering

Overwatering is frequently brought on by drainage and light problems. Make sure your plant is receiving adequate light if you observe overwatering symptoms such as yellowing leaves, fragile stems, or dark-brown areas. A lack of light can make a plant less effective at using water.

ficus altissima pests & diseases

One of the most prevalent diseases that damage Ficus plants are bacterial leaf spot. Your plant will start to develop tiny black and yellow spots on the leaf, which are brought on by the Xanthomonas campestris bacteria. The leaf will start to oxidize and eventually drop.

where to buy ficus altissima

You can check out Etsy for good deals with ficus altissima variegata. Their product range includes a wide selection of unique, personalized, and handmade pieces from house plant shops. The price range of the yellow gem ficus is around $13.49 up to $93.47.

ficus altissima indoor care: in summary

Taking care of a ficus altissima indoors is easy as long as you’re attentive to its physical health. It’s a low-maintenance plant that is great for beginners. Having it indoors will allow your yellow gem ficus to thrive as long as it’s placed in a well-lit location.

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