Investing in real estate in Dubai can be tricky if you don’t have anyone by your side to consult with. If you are buying a house in Dubai and don’t know what to expect from it – this article is for you. We share up-to-date information on furnishing and equipping with appliances in new housing. We hope it will be useful.
Apartments and villas in Dubai are sold by developers with a fine finish, fully equipped with plumbing and kitchen furniture, and often with built-in appliances. As for furniture, it is not provided for in almost any projects initially. So, let’s take a closer look at what developers offer.

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Finishing touches

All apartments in new buildings in Dubai are sold with a full fine finish. You don’t have to spend time and effort on repairs and listen to the noise from construction work in neighboring real estate. No neighbor with a drill!
The interiors of the apartments are laconic, as a rule, made in a modern style and in light colors. You can easily adapt this design to your wishes.

Kitchen furniture and appliances of the real estate in Dubai

All apartments, regardless of the developer and housing class, whether it’s economy, comfort or luxury, are rented with kitchen furniture! Some developers install kitchen appliances.
The quality of furniture directly depends on the price of the property. In budget options, it may seem quite simple. In this case, you can always replace it yourself. However, if you are considering an apartment as an investment project, furniture from the developer is quite suitable.
Be sure to install a kitchen unit and a sink with a mixer. Almost always in the kitchen, there is a bar counter or an island. It is worth noting that in all apartments, even in the most budget ones, the countertop and the island are made of marble. The differences, perhaps, are only in the type of marble and the thickness of the countertop. It is no secret that this material is highly valued, and in the UAE it is more affordable, which allows it to be used even in economy-class housing.
Sometimes developers complete real estate with basic kitchen appliances – refrigerator, stove, oven, extractor hood. In rare cases, you can even find options with a microwave, toaster, and kettle.
Kitchen appliances are also determined by the class of housing. In inexpensive properties, either budget brand appliances (for example, Teko) are used, or it is not available at all. In luxury real estates, developers put expensive equipment from such brands as Miele or Gaggenau.


New buildings in Dubai are sold with plumbing. In all bathrooms, developers install sinks with faucets, toilets, showers or bathtubs. As in the case of kitchen appliances, the choice of plumbing brands depends on the cost of the apartment.

Fully furnished

In Dubai, almost all apartments from the developer are sold unfurnished. However, starting this year, some developers began to offer the so-called “furniture package”. That is, the apartment can be fully furnished for an additional fee, or the cost of furniture is included in the price of the apartment initially. This option is suitable for those who do not want to contact the designer or choose furniture on their own. Note that using the services of a third-party designer can be even cheaper than buying an apartment with a “furniture package” from the developer. However, if urgency is important to you, such a package can be very useful.

Final thoughts

Summing up, we can say with confidence that in Dubai you can find both fully finished turnkey apartments and options with the most basic equipment that you can add yourself. In such a metropolis as Dubai, it is possible to find any option you prefer with as many variations of appliances and furniture as you wish.

Real estate agency in Dubai

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