Often referred to as Chinese pinks, Dianthus chinensis adds a vibrant pink, crimson, and white pop to the yard. Gardeners have long revered Chinese pinks in Asia and Europe as a symbol of love and divinity.

Dianthus Chinensis, or the “Cicely,” is a flowering plant that belongs to the pink family. Its flowers are white and have a strong sweet fragrance. This plant is believed to bring good luck to the home and the garden. China pink blooms from March and April until the end of October, which makes it one of the annuals that bloom the longest.

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Its flowers can be a solid color or a mix of colors, ranging from white to red and sometimes pink, purple, or violet.

This easy-to-grow plant looks good in flower beds, garden boxes, and pots. It also grows well on rocky ground and along edges.

What is Dianthus Chinensis?

Dianthus chinensis is an evergreen biennial with lance-shaped grey-green leaves that are tufted. Colorful flowers with serrated edges bloom in the spring and summer months, and they’re scented with lavender, white, and red hues. There is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, and they are resilient to freezing temperatures.

No worries! Though you might encounter the difficulties when learning how to care such an plant as a new plant caring starter, we got the most popular plant lover quotes that can partner with you and you are going to succeed in plant care and grow.

Dianthus Chinensis Flower Features

The Dianthus Chinensis flower has the following elements:

  1. One of the most popular flowering plants in the world, China pink dianthus has a spicy-sweet scent and lovely fringed blooms.
  2. Flowers in burgundy, red, pink, and white with a soft, rounded fringe adorn the garden in various colors.
  3. Deer resistant yet appealing to pollinators like bees and butterflies, the pinwheel blooms grow on thin stalks with lovely blue-green, elliptical leaves.
  4. It is a beautiful choice for butterfly gardens, cottage gardens, and courtyards since it may be grown as an annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial.
  5. Because of their long-lasting vase life, China pinks are a perennial favorite in the cutting garden.
  6. In addition, the growing season is lengthy in this region. Its effect is best where it can be seen often, such as near garden seats, on each side of doorways, along walkways, or in patio pots or window boxes. They begin blooming in late spring and continue through the summer with a lighter rebloom.
China Pink
China Pink

Image Source: PictureThis

Varieties of Dianthus Chinensis

Dianthus Chinensis flower plants come in a wide variety, making it difficult to choose the finest one for your garden. Many different cultivars of Dianthus Chinensis produce flowers with a broad range of characteristics, including size, color, and length of bloom. Different varieties of Dianthus Chinensis are shown below.

1. Baby Doll Mix

Baby Doll Dianthus Chinensis
Baby Doll Dianthus Chinensis

Image Source: Etsy

“Baby Doll Mix” is an exceptional heritage variety that provides a brilliant and diverse show with contrasting eyes, patterns, and rings in burgundy, cherry, muted pink, and white hues.

These two-inch fringed blossoms have a pleasantly spicy scent and a tiny, solitary bloom. Deep green, lancet-shaped foliage grows to 10 to 15 inches in a dense mound of plants.

2. Dianthus Chinese Pink

Dianthus Chinese Pink
Dianthus Chinese Pink

Image Source: North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox – NC State University

China pinks are either biennials or short-lived perennials. Most people grow them annually because they don’t do well in hot, humid summers.

They do best in average, well-drained soils that are dry to medium wet and in full sun, but in warmer climates, they do better with afternoon shade.

This pink has a lot of flat, heavily fringed flowers with a darker spot in the middle. After they bloom a lot, you should cut off the dead flowers and trim them to get more flowers to grow.

3. Dianthus Chinensis White

Dianthus Chinensis White
Dianthus Chinensis White

Image Source: Pinterest

Dianthus Itsaul White is covered in pure white, semi-double flowers that smell like vanilla and sparkle. Precious petals set off the silvery-blue evergreen leaves with fringes. They bloom for a long time and look great in small bouquets.

4. Diana Series Mix

Diana Series Mix
Diana Series Mix

Image Source: Langridge Plant Sales, Inc.

Combining fragrant and bright flowers, the Diana Series Mix produces compact plants with three-inch blooms in stunning colors of crimson, rose, red-centered white, and scarlet.

This eight-inch-tall dwarf variety, which blooms from the end of spring till the end of summer, makes a vast, strong statement.

5. Dianthus Chinensis Black and White

Black and White
Black and White

Image Source: Etsy

Large, two to three-inch double blooms with patterned dark burgundy petals so opaque they seem black with white backsides and frilly white borders distinguish ‘Black and White as a very distinctive cultivar.

China pinks with dark blue-green leaves and a stunning display of stacked blooms bloom from early summer until frost, making them one of the most fragrant varieties in the country.

Does a Dianthus Chinensis Flower Come Back Every Year?

Dianthus will come back every year if planted in well-draining soil in a calm environment. However, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures will harm the plant’s recovery capacity.

When properly cared for, dianthus will bloom all year long.

When Does Dianthus Bloom?

Dianthus flowers look their best when they get at least six hours of full sun daily, but they can handle shade, especially in the warmest zones. Bloom time is from spring to early summer, but some plants keep blooming off and on through summer and fall.

Dianthus China Pink
Dianthus China Pink

Image Source: Grow More Seeds

How Many Years Does Dianthus Last?

Dianthus will come back every year if planted in well-draining soil in a calm environment. However, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures will harm the plant’s recovery capacity.

When properly cared for, dianthus will bloom all year long. Flowers need attention, and these quotes can help you to be motivated to plant your favorite flower.

Is Dianthus Chinensis Perennial?

Dianthus Chinesis are either biennials or short-lived perennials. Most people grow them annually because they don’t do well in hot, humid summers. They do best in average, well-drained soils that are dry to medium wet and in full sun, but in warmer climates, they do better with afternoon shade.

How Much Do Dianthus Spread?

If you want to plant dianthus, you should look for a spot with a lot of sun. Too much shade can cause parts of the types that form mats to rot. These types also like soil that drains well. If the plant’s base stays too wet for too long, the crown can rot. Even taller types, like carnations, need full sun, so they don’t fall over. But even in full sun, some of the taller types may need extra support.

China Dianthus Pink
China Dianthus Pink

Image Source: Daraz

How Hardy Are Dianthus?

These plants can handle a light frost, but a deep freeze will kill them—cover plants with a frost blanket to keep them safe when the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The flowers can also stop growing when the temperature stays above 85 degrees Fahrenheit for a long time during the summer.

When To Start Dianthus Seeds?

Dianthus seeds can be started indoors 8 to 10 weeks before they are moved outside, or they can be planted directly in early spring or early fall so that the seeds can be exposed to frost. Ideal temperature: 15-21°C (60-70°F). In about ten days, roots start to grow. Just put a minimal amount of soil over the tiny seeds. Aim for 15–23cm (6–9′′) between plants.

Grow in rich soil with good drainage and a pH between 6.0 and 7.5. Only water plants are already grown when it is scorched. After the plants bloom, cut back the short stems and add mulch if freezing weather is coming. Every 3–4 years, you should add new seeds.

Where Does Dianthus Grow Best?

Plants need full sun to grow well, so pick a spot that gets at least six hours of light each day. If a plant doesn’t get enough light, it might not bloom as much or have as bright of flowers. For more information, you can check it out here!

Dianthus Flower
Dianthus Flower

Image Source: TrustBasket

Where To Plant Dianthus Flowers?

Dianthus plants may suffer from stem rot if their soil does not drain properly. If you have heavy clay soil in your garden, you might want to grow your plants in pots or raised beds.

You can use a mulch to keep weeds in check, but don’t let it pile up around the crowns of dianthus plants, or they will rot.

Diana Dianthus Mix Flowers
Diana Dianthus Mix Flowers

Image Source: Harris Seeds

How Often To Fertilize Dianthus Chinensis

If you are planting nursery plants, you should amend the soil with a gradual release fertilizer. If this is impossible, you should apply a balanced fertilizer such as 20-10-20 every six to eight weeks throughout the growing season.

When it comes to making your flowers alive, the soil is a vital component to watch out. Outdoor gardening can be an excellent help for plant sustainability and enhancement.

How Long Do Dianthus Chinensis Flower Last

Flowers of the genus Dianthus have been around for a long time and are known to be revered as the “flower of the gods.” They represent a person’s undying loyalty, love, ardor, and adoration.

These plants will come back every year without fail. This growth may be fostered by regularly removing the spent flowers and leaves. On the other hand, the blossoms often only remain on the plant for eight weeks.

Where To Buy Dianthus Plants

  • Allwood’s Summerfield Nursery, London Road, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 9NA. Tel 01273 844229, allwoods.net
  • Beth Chatto Gardens, Elmstead Market Colchester, Essex CO7 7DB. Tel 01206 822007, bethchatto.co.uk
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  • Whitman’s Pinks, Houndspool, Ashcombe, Dawlish, Devon EX7 0QP. Tel 01626 863328, whetmanpinks.com


Dianthus cultivars are beautiful additions to the garden or pots because they are colorful, smell nice, and are easy to grow.

Give them a lot of suns, good drainage, and fresh air, and they will bloom and smell nice all summer.

Try a mix of pinks and sweet williams for borders and rockeries, and add some carnations that you can cut and bring inside to make flower arrangements.

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