If you are into real estate, you will have an idea about micro apartments. These tiny apartment spaces come in combination with a living room or a patio. They are low-cost and have enough living space for one person to sustain. They also include a small bathroom and kitchen area in a compact way. 

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They are small but can provide you with a maximum living experience. Micro apartments are growing since they are cost-effective and can accommodate more people in a building. It is more desirable to the younger climate-conscious people since there isn’t any waste of space. Now, you can move into a micro apartment easily because House removals East London will provide you with hassle-free services. 

What Exactly Is A Micro-Apartment? 

Micro Apartments
Micro Apartments

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Micro apartments are space-saving units that can range from 100-500 square feet and are even smaller than studio apartments. It provides an economic space for more people to reside in the same area. 

Younger people can easily rent out micro apartments when they are living in a big city. People who are struggling in their career or are away from home can rent out their own living space instead of sharing a space with roommates. 

People who love a minimalist lifestyle can also rent micro apartments. They are popular due to the growing housing crisis in the city. 

Five Facts About Micro Apartments That You Didn’t Know 

Five Facts About Micro Apartments That You Didn’t Know 
Five Facts About Micro Apartments That You Didn’t Know

Image Source: Pinterest

Here are five facts about micro apartments that you didn’t know about. 

Mortgage Free Living 

If you are buying a micro apartment, it can save you a lot of money. Micro apartments are usually mortgage-free. They are low cost which will provide you monetary benefits. You will be able to concentrate on other activities more freely. You won’t need to spend money to pay bills for the apartment you are living in. 

Having City Life 

Most people live downtown the city due to excessive rent. Renting an apartment in the city is never an easy task. People have to compromise their neighborhood or locality to find a place to live. It can get really difficult to travel all the way from downtown or some remote locality to your job site. 

Since most jobs are based at the heart of the city. In that case, if you avail of a micro apartment, you can have the best of both worlds. You can save your job in the city and at the same time live at its heart too. 

You can also choose the locality or neighborhood you want to live in. It will help you to economize your belongings. 

Minimal Maintenance 

You will require minimal maintenance if you are living in a micro apartment. If you are used to living in the city area, you will know that apartment owners usually charge a monthly maintenance cost that comes along with your rent. 

Renting a micro home can cut down maintenance costs since the space is really small and can be easily cleaned on a daily basis. Since there is almost no yard, you don’t need to invest so much into outdoor maintenance as well. 

Community Building 

Micro apartment buildings will offer a community space for people living in the same area. They will often provide a common dining space and communal kitchen area for people to hang out and have some food. 

Some of these buildings will also include game rooms, work environments, and common rooms for people to collaborate with each other. It adds a sense of community structure for the people living in the building. 

Celebs Are Even Into It 

Nowadays, even celebs are into micro apartments. As the concern for the environment is evolving, many of them are moving into micro apartments instead of mansions.  

Hotshot celebs like Kesha, Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Warren Buffett prefer to live in micro small homes and are vocal about micro apartments. They say that it gives them a refreshing escape from their everyday life.  

Airbnb services also started including micro apartments recently. They have apartments that fulfill various needs and styles to attract global consumers. 

However, some micro-apartment don’t include a kitchen space because they would rather provide you with a communal kitchen area. So, before renting an Airbnb space, you first need to confirm the services they are providing. 

Should You Go For It! 

Overpopulation and climate change have reduced living spaces. If you are a person who cares for the earth, you should definitely go opting for micro apartments. 

You will enjoy living there if you are also used to a minimalist lifestyle. Because you won’t be able to have too much furniture if you are living in a micro-apartment. Whatever the cons are, living in small spaces will benefit you financially as well. So, yeah, you should go for it. 

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