Nothing can beat a good night’s sleep in keeping you healthy and active. These days, it has become a trend to stay out late and fall asleep deep into the night, only to wake up feeling restless and tired. The power of sleep is not to be denied. You can only be productive and energetic the following morning when you let your body fall into a deep sleep.

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But for some people, it is a challenging task to fall asleep. Dealing with insomnia takes a toll on your body and affects you physically and mentally. If you are facing such issues, you must follow some pointers and give in to your bed early. The later you go to bed, the more difficult it becomes to have a shut-eye. 

Here’s a brief list of activities that you can adapt to falling asleep right after hitting the bed:

Make a Proper Schedule

The human body is a fast learner and can conform to how you carry it. If you move it well by fostering healthy habits, it stays healthy and allows you to do things with your whole might. When you are indulging your body in unhealthy sleeping, drinking, and eating habits, it will be a mess. You should set a proper schedule for each day and its activities. So, how to fall asleep fast? Go to bed at 9 or 10 each night and see the magic.

You will be unrecognizable when you follow a proper sleep schedule every single day.Your body will get used to it, and you will feel drowsy each day at the time of regular sleep. This hack is the best for people who toss and turn in their bed for hours, unable to fall asleep. 

Choose The Right Mattress

Mattress and bedding are essential to falling asleep when you hit the bed. If you fall asleep with great effort and wake up with sore muscles, it is your cue to change your mattress and bedding. If your body is accustomed to a soft bed, you will likely have difficulty sleeping on a hard one. So, get the custom mattress that will conform to your body and provide the ultimate comfort for falling asleep faster.

Leave Screens 2 Hours Before Bed

Using electronic devices on your bed dramatically affects your sleep. Avoiding them will lead to a night of healthy sleep. Using screens before sleeping, You either have difficulty falling or staying asleep for a long time. The blue light through screens harms your mental and ocular health, mainly when used in the dark. 

When you leave your mobile, iPad, laptop, or TV an hour or two before embracing your bed, you have a relaxed mind free from wild thoughts that don’t let you sleep. So, let your screens rest, relax your mind and thoughts, read a book to boost your knowledge, and go to bed to experience the best sleep you have had in months. 

Watch What You Eat & Go To Bed 3 Hours After Dinner

Food is vital for all your body’s activities. Your health becomes what you eat. If you eat healthy, you are healthy overall, while junk food makes you feel like junk. So, a good diet is vital to good sleep and relaxing your body and mind. Fruits and veggies carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help your body to stay calm and collected.

Besides the type of food, you should also schedule your time of consumption. You cannot fall asleep right after eating due to the heavy feeling. You might satisfy your cravings through snacks at midnight, but you will lose your sleep. For some people, eating at night also causes constipation or flatulence, making it difficult to fall asleep. So, if you want to sleep well, leave your stomach empty before sleeping.

Use A Breathing Technique

Practicing meditation accompanied the breathing techniques sets the foundation for your body to fall asleep without a worry about the world. You can adapt the best breathing technique that has been shown to trick your mind into falling asleep much faster than any other activity is the 4-7-8 method. 

Practice it with me; close your eyes, inhale through your nose, and count to four. Now hold your breath to the count of seven. Lastly, Slowly exhale through your mouth while counting to eight. Repeat this procedure until you fall into your subconsciousness. 


Being unable to fall asleep can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. If you have difficulty shutting your eyes or suffer from insomnia, consider following the hacks we have listed above and see the magic. Cheers to a good night’s sleep!