Own your master bathroom now! Come and effortlessly turn your bathroom vanity into something aesthetic!

Master bathroom should be prioritized as always. Aside from your bedroom, it is also your comfort area for you can do anything. You can sing, enjoy a warm or cold bath or maybe admire yourself in the mirror. Isn’t that nice? It’s like you can do almost anything there.

Relax in your master bathroom vanity in no time. With these awesome bathroom vanity design ideas, you can surely pull everything effortlessly. So hurry up and turn your bathroom into an area that you could never forget!

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Table of Contents

  1. Splash It With Colors Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  2. Rustic And Open Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  3. Modern and Elegant Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  4. Classic and Traditional Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  5. Single and Cozy Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas
  6. Neutral and Warm Master Bathroom Vanity Theme Ideas
  7. Romantic French Style Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

1. Splash It With Colors Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Splash It With Colors Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Say goodbye to traditional and classic master bathroom vanity. Put a little twist and color in it. Well, we are not saying that a classic one is not ideal, we are just telling you that there are a lot of possibilities to play with, more like colors to combine with.

Here are some tips:

  • Pick either a hand-knitted or hand-woven rug that has several designs like flowers, or classy people’s figure. 
  • Choose a backsplash that matches the rug. If it is flower rug, come up with a nature look backsplash, but if it’s people, you can just have a face collage. 
  • Pick a traditional or an oak wood cabinet depending on your desire. 
  • Double vanity is ideal if you have someone else to share with but you can just go for a single vanity just for you. 
  • Single sconce or a light-bulb like three sconced light is a nice option.

2. Rustic and Open Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Rustic And Open Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Home Design Lover

Who needs a spa-day when you could just bring it at home? Remember those baths you see in the movies where most people relax? You do not have to spend money to go there, you could just have that exact style and theme by yourself!

How to do it? Here’s what you can do:

  • Make everything old and rustic. Choose a color that matches the theme such as different brown color palette. 
  • A vintage vessel sink is also a nice option to bring out the idea of the ancient times where there were no built-in sinks in the cabinet. 
  • Have your vanities simple and rectangular but surrounded with wood frames.
  • No need for a tile flooring, a floor filled with stones will do. 
  • Get an uplight sconce attached in the mirrors. Make sure to match the theme with a warm light color.

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3. Modern and Industrial Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Modern and Elegant Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Interior Design Ideas

Obtaining a modern and nice bathroom vanity has always been the struggle of many. Not only the materials are costly but there is this worry that you do not want to flop. So, to erase that worry, why not try a combined industrial and modern bathroom vanity?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Brown, grey, white, and black are the primary colors for a minimalist and modern style so pick these.  
  • Put a rustic touch into your modern bathroom and have it more elegant because of its ancient sense by putting candles, rattan seats and baskets. 
  • Acquire a frameless wall vanity and surround the entire area with porcelain and ceramic tiles to contribute to the modern vibe and to cover up every little spaces. 
  • Instead of having a classic sconce, have those hanging modern in front of your vanity. You can also add a light reflector in the ceiling.

4. Classic and Traditional Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Classic and Traditional Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: My Domaine

Have a utilized and elegant bathroom by acquiring the right furniture pieces. You will surely love how white can be one of the most intriguing color once it was transformed to something vibrant. Yes, it can be classic but it can also be classy.

To achieve this, you can:

  • Sconces are good option but if you want to achieve the right amount of elegance, go for a gold and white chandelier. 
  • Have your tiles in marble and in color black and white for a smooth and cool sensation. 
  • You can have a marble sink top or just choose a traditional cabinet while having two framed spherical mirrors. 
  • Have everything in white including your bathtub curtains and sanitation stuff. Match it with glass chair with a comfy black pillow. 
  • To put more elegance, have a vase filled with assorted fresh flowers.

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5. Single and Cozy Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Single and Cozy Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

There are so many ways to have your bathroom vanity your comfort zone. This single master bathroom vanity is perfect for those people who wants to utilize their cute space. No need to think that hard. All you have to is do a little research and design it based on your desire.

For you to have this kind of bathroom vanity, you have to:

  • Acquire a thin-framed spherical mirror or if you feel like traditional is your vibe, get a thick framed rectangular one. 
  • You can go for a marble sink top with a classic cabinet or maybe get your traditional wash basin if you plan to have it DIY. 
  • If you have lots of sanitation stuff, build shelves around your vanity. You can also display some on your sink top. 
  • Have your entire bathroom colored white but make sure it is squeaky clean for any dirt is sure visible.

6. Neutral and Warm Master Bathroom Vanity Theme Ideas

Neutral and Warm Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

While enjoying a luke warm bath and admiring yourself in your master bathroom, why not make it literal? Nothing beats it for sure! Apply the warm aesthetic mood in the entire area in the easiest way possible.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Pick a rectangular or spherical vanity and hang it on the wall. 
  • Transparent lights bring elegance and contributes to the neutral and warm mood so pick those. You can also pick lantern-like sconces and adjust it to warm brightness. 
  • Put a little design on it by installing a wall and floor cement tiles with amazing colors and patterns. Also, combine porcelain tiles and cements on your wall for a fantastic contrasting design. 
  • Lastly, have your sink undermounted or overmounted but make sure that the sink top’s texture and cabinet are contrasting or combined, such as rustic and modern vibe as you want to play with themes and design.

7. Romantic French Style Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Romantic French Style Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Image Source: Houzz

Fall in love with the master bathroom vanity that has the combination of elegance and vintage vibe. You will surely love spending your time here. Not only you will admire everything but you will be proud of yourself having this kind of bathroom.

Achieve this antique and nice bathroom vanity now:

  • Get a vintage mirror and have your walls painted or installed with royal patterned wallpaper. 
  • You decide if you want to purchase separate vanities and put them in the corners with the bathtub in between them or you can have a double vanity. 
  • Ensure that the cabinets are elegant black and white or you could have it brown and rustic. 
  • Get a lampshade-like uplight sconce instead of a traditional light reflector to match the ancient vintage theme. 
  • Pick ancient displays and furnitures to contribute more to the theme.

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There are tons of ways to turn your master bathroom vanity into something fascinating but you always have to do it right. Aside from research and knowledge, what you need to obtain is the vision in your mind.

What would you want to put in your bathroom? Don’t be overwhelmed by other people’s opinions. You are the one deciding since it would be private and just for you! Just make sure to maximize every space, if you are still unsure how to do it, you can check out the ideas above.

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